Help!! Any ideas on this color/season?

  1. Ok... I did it again. I seem to always find a great deal, then jump on it before thinking. Luckily. authenticity has always worked out (exept for one little Bluefly moment!):sweatdrop: So... I am on and see many Bbags. I clicked away at a day bag which they called brown and an "arena" bag. I am not sure about the color, but I know they are good with returns if there are any questions on authenticity. So what do you think???:confused1:
    MLB10520920.jpg MLA10520920.jpg
  2. It could be either chocolate or cafe, provided it is authentic.
  3. Holy cow!! Looks like cafe... I don't know though. I just put one in my cart and it says there is only one left!! So you better grab it!!
  4. I did get it- they only let me use the 8% coupon since I have shopped there before. I purchased an authentic gucci from them a while I am keeping my fingers crossed. A cafe would be nice!!!:p
  5. I don't know though about the last one thing - that may just be some ploy to get you to buy. I have been going through testing different availibilities out by putting them in a cart, and it says that about the black PT too... :shrugs:

    YEA!!! Congrats on getting it!! I hope you love it! :smile:
  6. Looks like chocolate. Good price! I've never had any problems with authenticity on so I think you got a good deal.