HELP! Any Good LA Boutiques??

  1. Hello Ladies!!! I am heading to LA in 2 weeks and I would love some shopping recommendations. I would love to find great boutiques which won't kill my wallet!! Also if there are any places that I just HAVE to go... tell me!! I love vintage so even great consignment store suggestions... I already know that I will just be window shopping on Rodeo and drooling :drool: Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! <O:p</O:pThanks!!!<O:p</O:p
  2. Any where specific in LA? If you're going to be on Rodeo, also check out the shops on Robertson Blvd. and the ones on 3rd Street. Melrose is also a good place to go.
  3. Yes, the stores on Robertson are great - also go to Santa Monica to Third St. if you have time - Fred Segal is good - it's like a bunch of boutiques in one store.
  4. i'd also check out Hollywood & Highland. it's a nice open-air mall.
  5. Melrose St. for vintage stuff.

    Robertsons for smaller boutiques.

    Rodeo for expensive stuff. Right next to rodeo st is three big dept store - Saks, NM and Barneys.
  6. Also check out for sample sales, vintage shops, and good discount designer stores.
  7. agree with all the previous for Barneys..melrose for vintage, fred segal, and my fave boutique madison which is in front of fred segal..and robertson for all the other great shopping boutiques
  8. YAY!!! Thank you ladies! I will be near the Hollywood Rooselvelt. I am staying with a friend and I know she lives close to the hotel. I just want to have a map of places to shop when I go there - I will be on the bargain hunt!!