Help! any domestic goddesses around here?

  1. or are we all strictly fashion goddesses (and gods)? I've never used the automatic oven clean thing before and I'm sure someone can guide me here (I don't eat meat and nothing I eat requires that I do this automatic oven cleaner thing ... hubby cooked a steak or something, made a mess, won't be back until tomorrow and I need to make vegan tiramisu cupcakes [which are QUITE fashionable, really] and eggplant parmesan before he gets home tomorrow). Anywho, my point is that apparently this thing timed itself for like 4 hours? Is that normal? It's making the area around my kitchen like a sauna. Is this normal? :sweatdrop:
  2. My oven cleans for 3+ hours; then it takes awhile to cool down and you have to wipe out the ash residue from the cleaning cycle. The temp. for cleaning is several hundred degrees (I don't know how to make a little temperature "o") so it will be very hot. What I hate is the smell from cleaning the oven.
  3. Self cleaning ovens indeed take hours to clean......they get so hot, it's actually "cooking" the dirtiness off....
    I hope you took out the oven racks though!! They cannot stay in the oven when self cleaning, it gets so hot, I think they may melt!!
    I'm married 8 yrs and only used the self cleaing oven once cuz I also don't like the smell and I find it somewhat complicated with my oven model.
  4. Check the inside of the door, there are usually instructions there...mine is 3 hours of cleaning, plus about an hour of cool down time, before you can unlock it. Good Luck :smile:
  5. OMG! Thank you all! I'm so embarassed that I have to ask and yes, I did leave the $%^( racks in so I guess I have to figure this out. I guess I'll turn it off now. I mean it wasn't that dirty. It's been an hour and 15 minutes, so maybe I'll shut off now, let cool, watch the best of Will Ferrell that just came in from netflix and then dust the ash out or whatever. I love this board. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.:shame:
  6. Chodessa is right, hopefully you removed the racks. I don't ***think*** they actually melt but they do discolor and can peel.

    I don't use mine often but you remove racks then once you start the cycle you can't stop it and the oven door locks. I think mine is about a 4 hour cycle. The smell can be brutal.

    Funny story ..... the first time I ever used one I had some grease on the bottom of the oven. Well after about 10 minutes the entire oven had FLAMES in it from the grease catching fire. I panicked and dialed 911, as I thought the house was going to catch fire. finally the flames died down and I told the 911 operator that I was sorry and it was fine. She said she HAD to send the fire department out anyway but would save me the embarrassment of the lights and sirens. Oy vey, when the fire department arrived the head guy was NOT happy with me and told me to clean my oven first next time. Um.......clean my oven before I self clean my oven??? Ever since then I have been scared of the self cleaning oven. LOL
  7. LOL that is funny and makes me feel better. I did clean it first by making a paste of baking soda and vinegar, because apparently making a paste with baking soda and a safe solvent is a non-toxic way to handle this. And, get this, I didn't have any steel wool, so I used crumpled-up foil! Ah, the wonders of internet household tips. Anywho, it wasn't that dirty and I have the light on in there and the racks look okay, but since I can already see ash where the stuff was I couldn't clean I shut it off and am waiting for it to cool. It is still locked though, and I can't move it. That makes sense that it wouldn't unlock because it's really really hot. I was melting chocolate for chocolate covered strawberries for tomorrow on the burner and after I was done with the double-boiler, it seemed the water pot was really maintaining its heat (not boiling, but visible hot with bubbles) and I guess it was heat rising from the oven... Anyway, I'm okay now, thanks to the lovely community here on TPF! :noworry:
  8. MaxHavoc...the same thing happened to me when I was house-sitting for my mom....she left the oven on self-clean when she left so I would get there when it finished, and when I got there the entire oven was in flames! I called her in a panic......and she laughed at me....
    Apparently it happens sometimes. Who knew?
  9. It's a paradox, isn't it? Making sure the oven isn't too dirty before turning on the self-cleaning feature! The shelves will discolor if left in, that's all. If you like shiny shelves, remove them before the self-cleaning.

    I'll bet no one remembers when all we had was Easy-Off oven cleaner. Sprayed it on and scrubbed till our arms and shoulders gave out. Thank the appliance gods for self-cleaning ovens.
  10. Sorry I cannot help I have an Aga cooker so just have to scrub, well the housekeeper does LOL
  11. THERES A SELF CLEANER!!??!! And this whole time I've been getting down on my knees (no dirty jokes please) with gloves, a scotch guard, and gloves. Darn it.
  12. We hardly ever use the self clean function on our oven, I just do it myself since I HATE the smell of it and at least I know it's really clean if I do it my way :smile:

    If you do use the self clean function, take the racks out. They won't melt in your oven, but it may damage them. Worst thing that could happen: you'd have to buy new racks!