Help ! - Any Australians use bluefly ?

  1. Hi all,

    I was just about to order from the bluefly website. Does anyone know what the the price limit is to avoid any customs tax and duties ? Apparently there is a 25% tariff for clothing plus another 10% for GST as stated on the bluefly website.

    Please help !

  2. As far as I know, there is no duties/taxes for items under AU$1000 (this includes brokerage/shipping/insurance costs). If you go over $1000 in total value, you will be charged duties + GST on everything over $200. I've never bought from Bluefly, but I've been buying from NAP and never had to pay any taxes (all my purchases were under $1000). You might like to confirm this by calling Australian Customs or checking their website to make sure that this is correct (their regulations could have changed). Hope that helps :smile:
  3. ^^ Nope, this is still the case! Tax of 10% for purchases over $1000. This applies to everything in the package, so you can't buy 6 $200 items. As long as they come together, it's the total value that counts.

    Also, Australian Customs will hold everything that comes through them in your name; so for example, if you buy $500 worth of stuff from bluefly and $600 from NAP and they arrive in the country at roughly the same time, customs will match your name/address and hold both packages as an $1100 total and you will be charged duty on the total (10%, so $110).

    Having said that, I've never been charged or heard of a 25% tariff on top of the 10% import tax... perhaps it's a 25% import tax and then the 10% GST on top, as pixiestar says?
  4. Thanks ladies. So if I order something under $1000 and make sure I don't buy anything else in that month I should avoid paying the GST import tax ?
  5. Well, website like Net A Port now do help you calculating tax right now, so if you check their site, order smth less than $400uk, then there is no tax on it. And from my experience just like everyone else said, once your order is not excess $1000au, there should be no tax.