Help!! Another Name for the Bowling?

  1. Hi Girls, I need help...LOL I tried calling Barneys to see if the had any bowling bags and they have no idea what I'm talking about. Is there another name for it? Or a model number? Does anyone know?
  2. Nanaz, Thanks I looked at the link you gave me, does the 6 digit number refer to the style number?
  3. I am not sure,:s Why can't they understand you? i am just surprised, because there is only one Bowling style and it should not be so difficult for them to find it for you. Which Barney's store is this?:cursing:
  4. Oh that happened to me too! :hysteric:
    I asked the Balenciaga store here in Thailand about the Mini Twiggy...guess what...SA said that there is no Mini Twiggy! The Twiggy's launched in only one size, no Mini at all!!!:wtf:
    I just feel shocked :shocked: and get out from the store then.
  5. I called the Barneys in NY and MA. Both stores are clueless! Its crazy!
  6. The mini-twiggy was not made in '06 so the SA isn't actually wrong if she is referring to current stock.