help, another e-bayer stole my entire b-bag auction

  1. besides reporting them, what can i do??? :sad:
  2. You know aaa, this problem is getting soooo bad and widespread, I reckon a threatening letter to eBay is warranted. The letter should say how eBay's reputation is very tarnished now, due to this rampant and blatant theft that is going on. People are now very sceptical of both selling and buying on there as a result.

    I know this doesn't really help your matter at hand, which is HIDEOUS, but it might give you some piece of mind. It would be great if a whole bunch of PF-ers, and/or "victims" of this theft could band together and write a group letter.

    Anyway, just some rambling thoughts of mine. Best of luck getting some vengeance on this thief.
  3. i understand the feeling... when i first post b-bag auction, i didn't put watermarks then the pics got stolen.
    the next time i must suggest the watermark. they may still steal your auction, but at least it's giving them more difficulties
  4. OMG- the SAME thing just happened to me! I wonder if it was the same seller. Watermarked photos and everything, this person just didn't care.
    This :censor: even copied and pasted my auction template code, so when you clicked on 'see my other auctions' within the listing, it took you to MY auctions!
    So I reported it to Ebay last night but by this morning, someone had already used 'Buy It Now'.
    $75 they paid for a Magenta First, which of course they will never receive...I'm going to message the buyer right now.
    AAA- try to keep an eye on the bidders and warn them- that's all you can do, I think...
  5. I'm so sorry AAA. I really hate ebay these days. I think your only option is to report it to ebay and wait if they do something about it in the meantime I would email the seller and threaten him with legal actions. may be that works.
  6. Let ebay know, and they will pull that persons auction. I would do it immediatly. Sorry this happened to you
  7. Oh, aaa, I'm so sorry that that happened to you!:sad: I agree with what Tanja said. Maybe you can try to contact the seller directly and tell them to back off!!!:censor: Could you also maybe put something in your auction description like some other PFers have started doing that says something like, "If you see this being sold by anyone other than aaa, this auction has been stolen and you will *NOT* receive this bag! Only purchase this from the legitimate seller--aaa. There are a rash of awful scammers stealing pics and auction descriptions!"
  8. This is a really good idea for anyone these days...shame it's come to this though!
  9. thanks so much everyone, for all your kind words & advice :tender:...i knew i could count on you gals to help me thru...another e-bayer tipped me off to the copycat last night...i was floored that this would happen to me, since the purse isn't as mainstream as other b-bag styles...i can't believe i didn't watermark my pictures & i'll definitely do that the next time...but they stole my entire description too, word for word, in the same font & everything :rant:...i reported them several times already, but e-bay takes forever to respond...there are only 9 hours left in their auction, so i doubt much will happen to them...i did put a big, red notice on the top of my page, calling out the seller for stealing my auction...i tell you what, i'm soooooooooooo sick of e-bay...the whole situation just makes me wanna :hysteric:
  10. aaa, this has happened to me before too and alot of us. i've even had my pics from the TFS forum stolen and posted on ebay. i usually watermark every inch of my pics. i haven't had any pics stolen since i've done that. also, i would put a statement like pupster had suggested and report it to ebay, so they can pull the auction. it's a shame, but really not much else we can do.
  11. Wow... that's so awful, and then people end up thinking they're getting an authentic bag because they've been shown someone else's pics! I hope eBay is able to close the auction on time.

    The only thing I can think of is maybe to contact the current high bidder? I think eBay can consider that interference, but given the situation, I'm sure the bidder would be grateful to hear from you.
  12. thanks so much esile & tweetie, i'm guessing whatever i've done has worked, because their auction just disappeared & i hope they get banned for life :banned:...i just can't believe how many bad people there are in this world & am constantly amazed at what they'll do to hurt others :crybaby:...but i guess that's a whole different conversation...thanks again everyone for reminding me about the goodness in humankind :love:
  13. I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. You are always so kind and helpful to everyone here it makes me so mad that this would happen to you.
  14. Good to hear that correction action was taken! Puts a little faith back into Ebay..
  15. awe, thanks, that warms my :heart: ^^:love: