Help: Annie in black or Charlie in black? TIA!

  1. I can't resist the NM sale, I already have the Annie in oak and love her very much. Should I extend the love to get another Annie in black or should I give black Charlie a chance? Thanks. I'm totally torn.:confused1:
  2. I'd give Charlie a chance! Everyone seems to really love the Charlie style and in black, you'll be safe from all the light-colored leather issues. I'm trying to resist buying one myself at that price.
  3. Thanks, youngster! Your kitty and her lemon? skin hat are so cute. I'm placing the order now.
  4. Excellent choice, though you wouldn't have gone wrong with Annie either! You must post pics when you receive it.

    Btw, that's not my kitty. Wish it was. Mine would never tolerate such an indignity.
  5. I'm so sad! The Charlie in black has gone! I'm like 5 min late:sad:(((
  6. Miss garfield-keep checking on it-NM is notorious for not having a bag one minute and then having it the next. The Charlie in black is a good choice--a bit more dressy than the Annie.
  7. alexis, I just saw a black Jillian poping out then gone, is it really that quick? The sales at online chat told me that the black Charlie is gone, maybe I should order the black Annie? Is it too much to have two colors? :graucho: