Help! Anna Corinna

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  1. Hey everyone-

    I'm desperately seeking the Anna Corinna Crosshatch Satchel in Black. I've been able to find it in brown, but not black. Even so, the only place I've been able to locate even the brown one is through a friend. Can anyone help me find this bag? Or sell one to me? Its from Spring of this year, '07, and was originally sold at Anthropologie. Retails for about $398.00. Never saw it when it came out, but recently fell in love with it. Also, suggestions on similar bag would be appreciated.


    (This link will take you to the purse)
  2. was this bag made in black??
  3. Well thanks for your help. I'm really hoping for a black one, so keep me updated if anyone comes across this item. I'm willing to buy it second hand.
  4. Oh ooppss, you wanted the black one. I should read more carefully :p
  5. Call a Steven Alan store in NYC as they carry them.
  6. I love the shape of that bag and would definitely be interested if it came in a solid color. Good luck in finding it.