Help and thoughts on pearl rectangle mini


Feb 17, 2020
Hey all,

I really need your help to decide! I have been hunting on special seasonal piece (I have one black caviar boy and black small cf). So yesterday I came across this gorgeous rectangle mini in the boutique, I couldn’t find this colour version on the website (only in black).

The colour is pearl-ish off-white, a bit hard to capture on pictures. Strap is pearl and leatherchain (like CF).

I love love it but have doubts due to:
1. Slightly longer chain than I’d like to have
2. High price and it’s seasonal piece, what if I get bored of it :sad:

I’m attaching pics below of the beauty itself and how it wears on me and mum. Let me know what you think. Any input is much appreciated:love: 54EB4D0B-F647-4B50-A1BA-3CF29034CFCC.jpeg A862C414-712C-4AB4-BFCE-F64D566618EF.jpeg 7B263563-70E4-4E28-8B74-DAE38F4475C9.jpeg
Jan 9, 2016
The longer chain is always a deal breaker for me. I’m only 5ft tall so that goes for a lot of crossbody bags. The strap becomes fussy when it is too long.

The good thing about seasonal pieces is that it is unique and the price point is usually lower than CF. Whether you sell a seasonal piece or a CF I still think it’s hard to recoup all the money you spent. I personally love seasonal pieces.

I think I just gave you one argument to why you should wait and another on why you should buy. Lol.

In terms of this specific bag, I feel like even though it has a pearl strap, the bag looks quite casual because of the leather piece on the strap and the bag doesn’t have structure like a CF would. Structured bags tend to look more formal. Maybe it’s the photos like you said. I think you should wait since you are not sure!