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  1. Hello everyone im new here, and starting to adjust to all of this. Very overwhelming! The people here sound great, not to mention they own beautiful stuff. But here goes my question. Im very petite, and im about 5'0 or 5'1. Im looking to purchase my 1st Chanel purse, but i dont know which one would be a good choice for my 1st. I want something that isnt going to be too big for me, just about medium ( i like to put a lot of stuff in my purses) and also i want it to go with any pair of jeans or cute outfit i wear. I really like the Chanel Cambon black with the white c's but everyone seems to have a lot of those fakes. Is there anything else that looks like that one, but is more unique? If you have any opinions please give them. I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Does anyone know how to find out when saks have those events everyone mentions about? is there any place online where it is authentic to buy from? i live in chicago but i dont think my saks carries Chanel. let me know please
  3. have you seen the cotton club ligne? you can check out the reference library for some ideas ;) it has lots of great info and pictures there!

    you can try calling other states or chanel boutiques in the U.S. if the Saks in your area doesn't carry any Chanel. it is impossible to find authentic Chanel bags online except on ebay, you could always get us to authenticate it under 'Authenticate This' thread. hope that helps!
  4. I don't think you can buy online (correct me if I'm wrong???) but I think the medium classic chanel would look good on you. But maybe I'm just biased!
  5. the Black Cambon w/ white C's isn't available anymore.
    Have you chcked out the PST? It's classic enough to last forever and goes perfectly from morning to night and w/ every possible outfit!
  6. I agree with the pst, fit all your needs! You can try calling Saks, they will do a charge and send.
  7. Another vote for PST! I love the medium classic flap, but it doesn't hold a ton if that's what you are looking for.
  8. Thanks everyone!What is the full name of the PST? I've never seen it and im trying to find a picture of it but i cant find it :sad:
  9. It's the Petite Shopping Tote. I'm also 5'1" and when I tried it on I thought it was too small for me. Like you, I like to stuff my handbags with lots of things and I decided to go for the GST instead (Grand Shopping Tote) because the PST won't fit all of my daily essentials. They look pretty much the same but the GST is bigger. Also, the GST doesn't look big on me so I don't think it will look big on you either.