Help~ and im dissapointed~

  1. I bought dior western ballerina flats when i was in LA feb 25th and had to come back to dallas on the 26th. so i wore the shoes on the 26th for couple hours and found out that right side shoes where theres little key starting ripping (i think its the little key that kept rubbing the leather) so i boxed it and left it with my friend in LA since theres no dior store in dallas. well she went to south coast dior(where i bought it) and beverly center dior and they both said they can't do ANYTHING about it. i think they think i wore it all these time and trying to exchange/return it right now. but my friend is a teacher and getting married in one month so she had no time till this weekend. what can i do?? i paid over $400 for that shoes and only wore it for couple of hours....i knowthat rippings gonna get bigger and bigger if i keep wearing it...if any of you guys hab that shoes do you guys hab any probs???? please help me~~ i feel like i wasted $430... :crybaby:
  2. oh dear, i'm so sorry to hear that love_purse!
    have you tried asking dior if there's any way they can fix it? it's been less than a month afterall and surely they can tell the extent of wear by looking at the soles. try speaking to the manager or someone higher up, perhaps? just continually ask about it, ask different SAs if you have to. the process might take some time, but i reckon they'll come round to it eventually.

    best of luck!
  3. oooh thats so bad im very sorry hun ! all you can do is be back in te store , just as zero said - and be PUSHY ! :cursing: dont make them feel like you`re asking for a favour, dont be to nice - you have a right to get that sorted and make them aware u know that ! nice doesnt work found it out the hard way....good luck girl ! :yes:
  4. awww thanx girls for your advice~~ im gonna tell my friends to send me the shoes back to me in dallas...and i guess ill just hab to call boutiques and talk to them myself~ bur seriously thanx~!
  5. :yes: fingers crossed hun and good luck ! keep us posted !
  6. wow! that is crappy quality, I hope that you can get them exchanged or fixed!
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that!! Maybe you could call them and ask if they can fix it for you. Or you can take it to some repair shop? Best luck!
  8. I agree with Nataliam! I am sorry this happen to you but I suggest you call the store and demand but in a nice way for a replacement! Explain to them that you expect the quality is better than that. I also think it could be a defect on your particular shoes.

    Since you only had the shoes for less then 10 days (I think the returne policy is expire in 10 day), you should be able to talk to the SA who sold you the shoes. If that does't work talk to the manager. Good luck and I hope thing will work out for you. Let us know the outcome.