Help and Beware of Discolorization of Vernis

  1. I bought this 6 years ago and it has only been used a few times. It is stored in a cupboard along with all the 15 other LV bags (non-Vernis). Each of which is covered with the protective cover-bag that comes with the LV bags. Discovered this discolourization 2 weeks ago. It wasn't like that a few months ago. All the other LV bags in the same storage cupboard do not have this problem.

    I took it to the LV shop last week and they told me and insisted that this discolourization is "normal wear and tear".

    Does anyone have experience with this problem ? Is there a fix to restore the colour ?

    Can anyone explain why this happened ? Perhaps in more technical (scientifc terms) ?
  2. so sorry to hear that..........
    i heard it is a common problem for the vernis........
  3. can't you take it to LV for repairs?
  4. If they were to repair it, it'd probably be changing all the patent leather? I'm not sure how they would remove discoloration but I imagine that it's probably not do-able!
    Sorry to see that...but that happens to all Vernis pieces at some point that's why I'm afriad to get Vernis!

    By the way, patent leather naturally does that...I'm not sure why, in terms of scientific terms, but some main causes are sunlight, and perhaps even just contact with air? Like metals and probably will show signs of wear with time. Metal tarnishes and discolors, paper turns yellow....could be something that was used to make the leather that causes it to discolor.
  5. sigh.... that must be terrible!!!!
    I feel the pain for your gorgeous bag. I own several vernis pieces and have had no color transfer..but I think you need to use it, let it breath, and wipe it down every couple months....

    well since almost ALL pink vernis have been prone to discoloriation, I doubt LV will automatically fix it...however yours is a result of the flap on the top...sooo I dont know..... good luck. let me know how it settles.
  6. Thanks for all of your replies. LV said they can't repair it. And all they could do is "apologies". I believe that if this phenomenon is common in Vernis, the least LV should do is to warn/advise the customers before they buy it. I would see this as a manufacturing "defect" and I am considering taking it all the way with LV. Why doesn't our Vernis type shoes (not LV brand) discolour ? Why doesn't our Vernis type handbag (not LV brand) discolour ? That is why I believe that this is a manufacturing defect and LV is be responsible/liable for this.
  7. Yorelica, you have heard stories before on pink vernis ? You are correct that the line of discolourization aligns with the flap when it is closed. It must be something to do with that. I am now trying to seek some scientific explanation on this (to approve that this is manufacturing defect rather than "wear and tear"). I can't believe that normal usage will cause something to change colour unless it is being exposed to strong direct sunlight for extended period of time. Given that this bag has only been used a few times and usually in the evening, I don't think it has been exposed to any strong sunlight at all.
  8. I think with any patent leather, you need to let it breath - if it gets moist (i.e., stored in dust bag in cabinet), I think they are prone to this. I know when I look at patent leather in vintage shops, it is very often discolored, so I don't think this is unique to Louis Vuitton unfortunately. I think it is really important not to store them closed up. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
  9. Whatever the reason for it, that is a shame :sad:
  10. So sorry to see this. I know Vernis can be hard to care for. I want one a lot, but am afraid....

    So sorry to see it happen to you.
  11. What is patent leather ?
  12. I have a cheap Guess white patent leather wallet that I've used for years and it still hasn't discolored...reason why could be because I used it every day for a few years and it really let the leather "breathe". It's in one of my desk drawers right now, and I just took a look at it and there is some minor discoloration...

    I don't think it's a manufacturing defect...probably just what charlestone-mom said, storing it away with moisture will cause it to discolor. I know that in Hong Kong, a lot of my relative's clothing turn color (although not patent leather of course, lol) because of the humidity. Not really the same material, but similar scenarios.
  13. Patent leather is the shiny leather that Vernis pieces are made of...

    Usually it's treated with some sort of lacquer.
    Like nail varnish, the lacquer will discolor over time.
  14. Thanks everyone for you thoughts and explanation. I'll let you know how the case develops.
  15. Vernis is made out of Patent Leather. Patent leather is leather that has been given a high gloss, shiny finish. The original process was developed by Newark, New Jersey-based inventor Seth Boyden in 1818 with commercial manufacture beginning September 20, 1819. His process used a linseed oil-based lacquer coating. Modern patent leather usually has a polyurethane plastic coating.
    Patent leather is sometimes confused with poromeric imitation leathers such as DuPont's Corfam and Kuraray Co.'s Clarino which are manmade materials with a similar glossy appearance.
    Patent leather and poromerics are cleaned in a similar way. Dirt adhering to the coating can be removed with a damp cloth, using a mild soap if needed. Minor scratches and scuff marks in the coating itself can be removed using one of several special purpose patent leather and poromeric cleaners on the market. With wear and tear, patent leather will eventually lose its glossy finish, but will still be smoother than most other types of leather, looking almost rubbery.
    Patent leather and poromerics are used in applications where an eye-catching glossy appearance is the main consideration.