Help and advice wanted: YSL Cassandra


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Oct 1, 2020
Hi Guys! I am planning on buying a new bag in November. I already have a Burberry TB and an LV Noe, so I'm looking for a new black bag that's more for the evening and to wear on the shoulder. I am absolutely in love with the YSL medium Cassandra with the YSL clasp that opens but I don't know if it's worth the money. I feel like YSL has become so "basic" recently and I wonder if I should buy something more timeless like a Dior saddle or a Bottega Venetta.

What do you guys think?

I've attached a pic of the cassandra.



Oct 8, 2017
Does anyone own the YSL Cassandra mini top handle? Not sure if I should buy this bag? I worry that it may be too small. Considering the Medium but will that be too big to wear crossbody and for evening? Any thoughts appreciated.
Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
But with the other two brands, you mentioned styles that are completely different from the Cassandra. Don't buy a bag just to buy a bag, buy it only if you will get lots of use out of it and it compliments your wardrobe/ style.
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