Help and advice please! Wary of buyer...

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  1. Hi guys,

    I put up one of my bags for sale on ebay nearly 2 hrs ago with a BIN and it sold about an hour later. I did state in my auction that buyers with fewer than less than 5 positive feedback to contact me before BINing and that I only accept Paypal with confirmed addresses. However, the person who BINed only joined ebay today and has 0 feedback. Major concern already!

    I sent the buyer a message saying please contact me re: no feedback, only joined today, and about paypal. Didn't hear back, but paid total amount excluding the difference of p&p I stated clearly in my auction as ebay puts a cap on your postage. The buyer's got a confirmed address and lives vaguely near me... I message the buyer again stating please reply to my last message, thanking them for paying, but to please pay the difference in p&p as I stated in my auction.

    I don't know what to do. I'm super wary it might be a scam as I didn't have the bag up for long, the ebayer has no feedback and only joined today, won't answer my messages, but has a confirmed address with paypal account.

    I even googled the buyer's name!

    Please help and advise me! I'm not sure what to do...I know I should give new buyers a break, but I'm worried...
  2. I don't understand - what additional amount of p&p do you state in your auction?

    If you have a shipping calculator, whatever shipping shows is what the buyer is obligated to pay.

    Technically your buyer is entitled to the item. So if they have a confirmed address with Pay Pal, I would ship and make sure you do so with online tracking and signature.
  3. ebay only lets you put a maximum of £4 for postage, which doesn't cover signed for and tracking and insurance, which is £12 for the weight and size of the bag. i've always said this in my auctions, and everyone's always been happy to pay the difference
  4. What is this Ebay puts a cap on your postage??
  5. Yeh i don't know why they put a cap on bags, but I noticed they did that with shoes too if you're shipping in the same country as your own
  6. If eBay caps the postage at a certain rate, I don't think you can make them pay any more for postage - eBay's policy will trump whatever you state in your listing.
  7. Ok that's fair enough about the p&p.

    What should I do re: about the buyer only joining ebay today? and no feedback?
  8. She has paid......ship it! Pay for the tracking and insurance yourself. Don't let it go with nothing.
  9. ^ exactly. We were all 0 feedback buyers at one point! Definitely send it with tracking. They may be just as nervous as you are! Good luck.
  10. Does the transaction specify "eligible" for seller protection? If so, you shouldn't worry. Just ensure you follow the eligibility criteria, i.e. ship within seven days of payment, online tracking or sig confirmation (depending on value) and ship to address on transaction page. Insurance is never a bad idea either.
  11. ^ What northern your gut. If you truly have a horrid feeling about this, then don't go through with it. I have a HUGE problem with (a) people who don't read listings, (b) people who don't follow instructions, and (c) people who don't reply to messages, and this buyer is all three.
  12. Agreed!
    usually your instincts are right.
    I hope everything works out OP, I know that gut wrenching feeling in your tummy when somethings not right and it's definitely not a pretty feeling.
  13. OP would you mind posting back after all is done and dusted. I'd be interested to hear how this works out.

    I guess that you must be pleased to have got your buy it now price. In a tight world economy, that's always good news.

    With a new buyer, perhaps their instant payment, to them, equates making contact... All this did happen within a couple of hours as you said.. New people would not know why you would want them to email you. New members often would not even know why you might want feedback to close the loop so to speak.

    As Northerndancer said, follow the protocols to protect yourself as a seller. Good luck and please let us know how it works out.
  14. I couldnt have said it better myself! I TOTALLY agree with you! I hate when buyers just IGNORE what's in your listing. Ebay is truly starting to become a scam buyer's paradise! They know that pretty much whatever you say in your listing doesn't matter and if they want a refund even if there is nothing wrong with your item, they can make something up and keep your item and your money :o( I especially hate when it is made clear that there is 24 hours to pay or else it is going to someone else then they get upset at an unpaid item strike...its like did you read?
    lol...there's my vent for the day
  15. Hmm, I'm on the fence with this one...the lack of response from the buyer is a slight concern for me , maybe they haven't checked their messages or something...BUT, if the Paypal page says ok to ship etc then I would probably send. Is it a high end item ?

    The buyer's in the UK ? Yes, think I would send.