Help and advice please - croc suede tillie

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  1. I am desperate for some advice please. My curry lunch leaked from another bag which was resting against my handbag leaving a bright orange greasy stain. I wet it (probably a mistake!!) and now have a bigger patch on the nubuck with the original stain in the middle and my bag smells.

    I have attached a photograph and would be grateful if anyone can offer up any suggestions. I know that Mulberry don't do cleaning. Has anyone cleaned their nubuck bag? Or sent it away anywhere?

    2016-06-29 19.46.55.jpg
  2. Oh poor you, what a nightmare. There are a few brave ladies on here who would probably try and remove it themselves. It depends how you would feel if it got worse by doing a DIY job. If it were mine I would have it professionally cleaned by someone like the handbag clinic or handbag spa. Good luck
  3. unfortunately I think my diy water job did more damage than good - was an instinctual reaction to sponge it off!

    Will have a look at handbag clinic and handbag spa - has anyone used these for a suede bag?? Any feedback welcome
  4. I haven't used them but I understand you can email them some pics and details of the problem and they will quote you a price. Hopefully someone will chip in who has had experience of them.
  5. Thank you for advice I have sent them both an email requesting a quote
  6. Please keep us posted :smile:
  7. Such a shame, we are bag twins.

    I think corn starch is supposed to work if you are brace enough. I don't know why but I think M charge something like £65 for suede cleaning...... I could be wrong though

    Hope you get it sorted
  8. I do like this bag so comfy to carry. I strongly suspect we will be bag twins on a few more looking at you avitar - I really should upload my family.

    Thank you for advice and reply but actually it is totally dry now so not sure that corn starch will do anything? Also it does still smell like curry so I think it needs more than just soaking up?

    Haven't heard back from handbag spa or handbag clinic yet - will let everyone know when I do. Has anyone used either service? I notice one has a shop in Chelsea London.

    I did pop into M today to ask some advice (didn't have bag with me) and the helpful man said to bring it in for him to have a look he said he has some tricks up his sleeve so will try that as well. I did ask about cleaning and he said they don't do it.

    Did also buy myself some new glvoes to make up for yesterdays disaster
  9. I think furniture clinic is something like £65 - let's hope M man can fix it

    Do post a pic of your family - a few of line have found new homes...... Regrets..... Of course
  10. So the handbag spa have got back to me with a quote £100 plus £15 postage.
    Haven't heard anything back from handbag clinic yet.
  11. That's more than I thought , did they say what the chances are of the stain coming out? What are your thoughts? Do you think that if you don't get her cleaned she will live the rest of her days in the wardrobe? If I loved her that much I would bite the (expensive) bullet and pay, I would speak to them first though and see what their confidence levels are like in removing it. Keep us posted