Help and advice needed! Did I make the right decision

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Have you had a situation when you doubt yourself no matter what you do? I am having these doubts right now ... I would appreciate any kind of feedback!!

    This is what happened: I went into Chanel boutique to get a WOC. I was about to pay for it when I noticed such a beautiful bag, it as one of the seasonal bags in a lovely raspberry color patent leather. I am still using its picture as my avatar :smile: I fell in love, bought it and intended to use it for summer.. The next day I took it out of the box and noticed that the patent leather on the flap is wrinkled and has dents. Naturally, I freaked out... then the dents started to smooth out eventually bringing me back to life. The next day the story repeated itself. I take the bag out - it is all dented and wrinkled. It was not hugely noticeable but noticeable enough... SO after a week of agonizing over it, I returned it.... I could not stand the thought of having this worry every day...It's been 3 weeks after I returned it and I am still crying over it :sad: I still love it, it was so perfect!

    Did I make the right decision? Have you had such a trouble with a quilted bag in patent leather? Should I let go and forget? Should I hunt it down and buy it again hoping I will get a better luck this time? What if it starts wrinkling again? I appreciate all opinions! Thanks for your time, Ladies!

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  2. Why were the dents there? I hope you don't mind my asking, but how did you store the bag? My mini is in patent and doesn't have dents, but I am careful to pack it away and store it properly. If it's a storage issue, then that's easily fixable, but if it's a defect issue, then it's best you returned it.
  3. I don't have any patent bags, but this color is tdf! Absolutely gorgeous. ️
  4. thanks for your reply - I stored the bag the way it came from the store - stuffed with tissue paper, in a dust bag and the box. The chain was inside, so those were not marks from the chain. It was more like wrinkling where the stitching is (the quilting stitching). On the edge of the flap, the whole edge would just wrinkle up where the quilted diamonds are stitched. I thought maybe this was because the quilting was so puffy ..
  5. thanks - that's what attracted me in the bag - the color! and in patent it looked divine ...
  6. Could you track down another one to see if that one was simply defective? Sounds like it could be the case if it weren't a storage issue.

    Once you fall in love with a seasonal bag hard and miss out on it, it might be very tough to track it down again. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything... :lol:
  7. i think you made the right choice. the color is gorgeous, but patent isn't a great leather to begin with. lots of women love it, but it suffers from a lot of issues along its life unless it's truly cared for - stickiness, color transfer marks, etc. read up more on patent and perhaps you'll feel better about your choice. there are always lots of lambskin and caviar flaps available 30+ years down the line... you rarely see patent hold up so well.
  8. +1
    Why you kept putting it back into the box? My SA told me that leather needs to breathe. Storing back in a box is never a good idea.
  9. I would suggest not putting the bag in the box and just keep it hanging. I hang a couple bags that I use often on those velvet covered hangers.
  10. Hmmm I don't have any wrinkling issues with my patent jumbo. I agree, maybe try looking for another one. Maybe the one you had just had wrinkling issues. It's a super pretty color! And patent isn't that bad!
  11. I have a patent m/l in navy and absolutely love it. It is super durable and I do not need to worry about anything while using it, it is in dark color though. I store it standing upright with chain tucked in at the side, no dust bag or box. Have had no problems so far. I would try to store it differently. I men you can always return it again. It's a gorgeous color.
  12. thank you. I never thought of that - this is a great point!
  13. thanks for replying! I took your advice and looked at the same bag in a larger size - it had the same issue, only one dent that I noticed, not several like in my bag. But it was there, same place where my dents would show - on the front flap around the edge ... I don't know if this was because how the bag was made, or whatever the reason but.. the dent was there and it means at least that I was not crazy :smile:
  14. because I sneaked it into the house and my husband was supposed to give it to me for mother's day :smile:) So I was mainly hiding the bag so he doesn't roll his eyes muttering something like ... when will you ever stop.. and many bags is enough.. lol
  15. thanks. I keep them in boxes only for a bit... away from my husbands eyes and until major events, like my birthday or christmas, valentines, etc. Then they magically appear out of the box as his gifts to me.