Help an LV virgin out?

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  1. Hello, Lovelies! I've been enjoying reading all your posts and looking at all of your reveals for a little while now, and I've decided to finally take the LV plunge, possibly tomorrow. This is where you and all of your experience and expertise comes in. My dilemma is not a unique one, however I am probably one of the most indecisive people in the world so I need some opinions. What I need advice on is this: I am typically a shoulder bag girl, and the Neverfull seems like a no brainer to me as a "starter" bag, but what's holding me up is the impending change to the Speedy style. I do eventually want both bags, and I have to say that I just do not like the look of the new one handled Speedy and I'm afraid that if I wait, I'll miss out on getting ahold of the classic, iconic bag. Since they just changed the Neverfull, and I like that the pouch is included, I know I can always grab that one whenever the time comes to get another bag. So, this is where your opinion comes in. Speedy or Neverfull to start? Shoulder bag girls, will I regret choosing the Speedy over the Neverfull? Thanks so much for reading, and for any advice you have to give!
  2. My first LV was a Speedy, but get whatever you think you will get more use out of. :smile:
  3. I think the speedy b is a great choice for your first LV! You have the option of wearing it cross body, hand held or over the shoulder.....
  4. My first LV was a Speedy, and I'm definitely a shoulder bag kind of girl! :smile: I don't regret it one bit. I would buy the Speedy first if I had to do it all over again.

  5. +1
    Good luck 😊

  6. I am a shoulder bag person too. But I did get the speedy as my first LV only because of the iconic status. I did go back and purchase the Artsy too but my initial purchase was the speedy.
    It's amazingly roomy and sturdy. Which is why I can use it as my "rough" bag. Ask yourself how you want to use it because that'll probably help you make a better decision.
  7. I'd go with the one that you'd want to use everyday. I'm a shoulder bag girl and while I love the Speedy, it could not be my first (and only) LV bag unless it had the bandouliere. I've been using a NF almost everyday since I bought my DE and love it. I'd go with what you're most comfortable with and will use most for your first. Try the Delightful too while your in the store, it's a great bag.
  8. I agree with this.. Get what you will use/wear more. I'm looking forward to what you decide!
  9. It depends if youre a handheld or shoulder bag kind of girl...Im basically a shoulder bag type but i tried using the regular batignolles once for a was fine but it wasnt comfortable getting some stuff out of the bag while walking..i find it awkward to let go of one strap so i could grab my wallet from a deeper portion of the bag. Its perfect for a simple dinner but not when you have to go for long walks. The problem with the NF is the no zipper style. At least the batignolles has a narrow opening but this one is really wide so someone might grab something inside behind you without you noticing. Cinching helps but i was always worried that it would be broken one day as it ages because it was too flimsy. I try to cinch it gently. I would love the bloomsbury but its quite expensive even as preloved. For the NF choose the pm size i think the MM is too big still...great though to carry laptop and books but i noticed that the strap digs deeply on my shoulders if i put too much, like when i included my ipad...
  10. For my first bag I got a Speedy and my second one I got the Neverfull. I have only carried the Speedy so far, and I am a shoulder bag girl too!
  11. If you plan to buy just one bag from LV, choose ages better than NF if you care for it really well...with the NF you have the thin straps to worry about..i dont think it would last more than 5 yrs especially if you use the cinch strap alot....visit ebay see their vintage NF and speedy to compare. A speedy looks beautiful even when its old i think....but if you plan to buy both bag then you could buy the NF first especially if you are a student or office person....
  12. Speedy b in DE. Looks brand new for years. You can carry it in different ways: handheld, shoulder, cross shoulder.

    I used to be a shoulder bag girl too. Recently quite like handheld lol, looks more elegant. We all change our minds in years to come :smile:
  13. I am a shoulder girl and i prefer neverfull than speedy B. Actually it depends on what pattern you choose. I have neverfull and speedy B.
    My speedy B DE is so stiff on shoulder. So i end up with handheld her. My SA told me after some time it will get softer, which is not..
    I also have speedy b in empriente, this one is real comfort on shoulder.
    As for neverfull, i sold my DE NF due to the same problem, the handle bitting my shoulder. But i dont have problem with mono NF. The handle is so comfy on shoulder.
    Good luck on your decision. Dont forget to do reveal. ;)
  14. My first was a speedy and I still love it, but the NF is my favourite. If you like the new version NF with a pouch go for the speedy, If you want a shoulder bag perhaps the speedy B will suit. Good luck and don't forget to reveal your new beauty!
  15. I think that if you are a shoulder bag girl, you should go for the Neverfull. As much as I love my Speedies, I don't get nearly as much use out of them as my Neverfulls, mostly because the Neverfulls are just easier to deal with when I'm out running errands, etc. The Speedy B is a good option, but for me it's a little wide at the bottom when being carried crossbody or on the shoulder. Once you try them both on, you will probably know right away which one is best for you to start with. I love the look of both bags. If you know you need a zipper, then I would vote Speedy B.