Help an LV addict out!! LOL

  1. Hello, everyone!! I have been drooling over your Chanel bags for awhile now.:yes:

    I have all LV bags, but would like to add a Chanel to my collection.

    My question is what do you think the most timeless Chanel bag is?? Kinda like how the Speedy is iconic to LV, what is Chanel's classic piece?

    Thanks so much!! I want to have a bag that I can wear until I am a little old lady:P
  2. I would say a classic flap! Timeless!
  3. I lambskin. :love:
  4. I would say the reissue.
  5. Classic flap in black.
  6. Classic Flap.
  7. Classic flap in black.
  8. The black lambskin Timeless Classic with gold hardware AND the 2.55...both are must haves if you are starting a collection...i'm afraid that most people don't understand the significance of the 2.55 and how important it is...
  9. I agree w/ everyone, either a Classic Flap or a Reissue.

    Here's my thing though, just like I'll never buy a Speedy, the Classic Flaps aren't right for me personally.
    I won't carry a Speedy because everyone has that bag, it's widely faked and I HAVE to carry a shoulder bag.

    Chanel has a LOT of true classics, but the 2 flaps mentioned are iconic.
  10. Thanks so much everyone!!!

    They are both gorgeous bags!!
  11. the reissue 2.55 or the classic flap are both timeless chanel!
  12. Great! Now I just have to scrap up some change LOL!

    It stinks because the Saks Fifth Avenue in Phoenix doesn't have a very good Chanel selection...I will go to Neimans and take a peek:smile:
  13. I agree with the above posts. Be warned, once you go Chanel, you won't go back to your LVs. Good luck with your search.

  14. ITA about the speedy, but I don't really see the classic flap around much, fake or real. I see a TON of fake speedies and a lot of fake Cambon's.
  15. Definitely classic flap..( lambskin ) black