Help an Aussie girl find a timeless clutch in black caviar/lambskin w/ gold hardware

  1. Hi Ladies (& Gentlemen),

    I've been searching for this bag for ages but have had no luck locating one in Australia. I live on the west coast, and our Chanel boutiques are on the east coast so it is somewhat difficult to regularly check for new stock. Does anyone know whether there are any boutiques in the US (& beyond) that are still stocking the black timeless clutch with gold hardware?

  2. You know, I have never seen a black w/gold clutch. Do they make that combo? I have only seen black w/silver myself.

  3. i only know of black/silver...sorry.
  4. AFAIK the timeless clutch only comes in silver h/w. The black w/ silver clutches are readily available in the US -- Saks NYC Chanel has them for sure. Call Joseph 917-776-9353 and he should be able to get you one; I'm sure he's shipped Chanel bags to Australia before.
  5. Oh dear - I just assumed that there would be the option of gold hardware. What a shame it only comes in silver! Thanks for all your help anyway.