Help! Amanda search!!

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  1. Hi girls,

    I would love your help, I'm trying to find a Amanda satin wristlet in the blue at the outlets. I know it's only $30 right now and that is a great price! I was wondering if anyone knew which outlets had this item. I'm from Vancouver, BC and I called the WA outlet stores and they do not have them. Does anyone know which outlets has this item?? Also, if I find a outlet that has it, would the outlet ship the item? and how much would it cost to ship??
    I would try to ship it to my friend that lives in Bellingham, WA

    Thank you for any help!!! :biggrin:

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  2. First it's finding one that has it, and 2nd most do charge sends (or some are ok in participating) but requires that you be at an outlet so they fax your CC info to the other store that has it.
  3. they had them at the destin fl outlet today for 15.00!I got the purple mini for 10.00
  4. Jeffersonville OH outlet had them today- 3 or 4 that I remember seeing in teal. They were 50%- not sure of the exact amount but definitely under $30.
  5. Vacaville, CA had them last Wednesday.
  6. Lebanon TN had them as of yesterday.
  7. they charge 10.00 to send and you have to go into a outlet to order then they will send it to your house....
  8. I just went to the Williamsburg, IA outlet and they had them today. I believe they had about 8 wristlets and at least 2 of them being teal (they had black and pink ... i believe were the other colors).
  9. oh no! they won't ship to a house without me being at the outlet :sad:
    thanks girls, I guess I won't be able to get it! :sad:
  10. Peachy - have you found it yet? I (hopefully) am going to have 2 mini skinny's shipped from Miami - I could add a wristlet (if they have any) and ship it to you when I get it.
  11. Peachy - I just called Miami and they only have the Green and the Magenta. :sad: :sad:
  12. ^ Tally, thank you so much for looking, no I havne't found one yet. However I do have one person from this forum that will be looking for me this weekend. She offered out of nowhere! I'm so glad we have such great friends like you guys to check for me! Thank you again!!
  13. The CAPACITY one is only $15?!?!?!?
    The one shown in the first post!?!?
    I paid $30 last week and thought THAT was a steal!
  14. I'm hoping to find them (both the regular size and the mini) at the Outlet in Wrentham MA this weekend.. I will report on the price (if they have them that is...)
  15. I got a grass green Amanda mini for $10 last week.... I wish I had gotten a couple other colors!!!!