Help!!! Am I making the right choice?

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  1. I want to return my Bastia Thong Sandals I recently purchased... I wore them for a little bit today... and WOW. I got 2 blisters just by going up the steps!!!! So I took them off and wore tennis shoes instead... I am planning on going back to LV on Friday and getting the Etui Widescreen iPod Case. Am I making the right choice?

    I mean as much as I love these sandals and how great they look, they're not so comfortable walking with... and I feel like I'm wearing clown shoes even when they're my size? :hysteric:

    The SA, Adam, told me that he would extend the 48 hour hold period for me. Awww... I feel so special.
  2. honey if you love them keep them but if you dont love them return it
  3. That sandals is so HOT but if it gives you blisters..hmmmm may be you should exchange it to something else. Very nice SA you got there..;)
  4. Return ' can save a lot of money by buying any other pair of blister inducing thong sandals and spend that money on something you will get some enjoyment out of. The iPod case will be a great item to exchange the sandals for.
  5. It's normal, I guess you need to wear them little by little.
  6. Do you think they just need to be broken in?
  7. the sandles might be giving you blisters now...but i find its that way with all new shoes/sandles....i think you need to break them in first ;) if they are that cute maybe its worth it to keep them just for a lil longer ? try blister bandages so that it doesnt get worse and it cushions you feet :biggrin:
  8. oh wow... it looks like clown shoes and it gives you blisters. i say return it!
  9. clown shoes? you wear a size 8... k um quit your crying.. im a 13...
  10. maybe they need to be broken in? it's hard to say... i think you should return them if they are extremely uncomfortable.

    i don't own any LV shoes or anything, but i've heard that they are generally not the most comfortable.
  11. Ipod Case!!!
  12. :crybaby: Meanie.

    Well you know what they say about people with big feet... they have big heads. :lol:

    Hmmm... they might need to be broken in... but I remember a fellow TPF'er, Rebecca, saying that she made the mistake of keeping her MC wedges but after wearing them only couple of times, they still HURT. :shrugs:
  13. juan u know i LOVE you dearly!

    I persoanlly would stick with the shoes because I LOVE them! I would get a pair but I have other ideas in mind for xmas, if I have extra cash... I will for sure!

    I know you want that ipod case but try wearing the shoes around the house and breaking them in
  14. I would return them, I wasn't a fan of how they looked on, and if they hurt then that's a deal breaker!!
  15. That's the thing though... what if I still can't break them in and I pass the 14 day exchange date? that and I don't have the time... :upset: