Help! Am I making a mistake ?

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  1. #1 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    Hi all!!

    I'm in serious paring-down mode and attempting to be mindful (sending 15+ Bal items to Corey @ RDC!), and cannot decide what to do regarding my two dark brown Classic Briefs, both gorgeous!!

    I have a Cafe Brief and a Mogano Brief and I love both of them, but do NOT NEED both. I also have a Mogano Courier, which adds a bit to the situation. Am I making a HUGE mistake to send my Mogano Brief off to be sold?

    Let me dig up some pics (although, in my experience, neither of these two leathers photograph true-to-life.

  2. Mogano has the best fluffy brown leather IMO. Pics never do it justice, you're right.

    Can you just keep the Mogano Brief? The Brief is more practical than the Courier.
  3. Keep which ever one you use more. Easy.
  4. Well, as you may know, I'm in love with my couriers, so Miss Mogano Courier isn't going anywhere.
    Since I already have a large piece of Mogano leather, I was thinking the Cafe Brief is better to keep. Plus, the Cafe can swing towards black and towards brown, and is rather versatile and very rich-looking. I DO wear the Cafe more...
  5. You DO wear the Cafe more?

    How's the leather on that baby?

    I guess it'd be okay to let the Mogano Brief go (if you can stand it) since you have all that leather in the Courier.... I guess.
  6. The Cafe isn't pillowy and fluffy, but I don't know, I still love it. It's more crackly, but I LOVE the color. (It also doesn't photograph well here, and looks more like mogano does IRL)
    Cafe Brief.jpg Cafe Brief 2.jpg
  7. ^^ That Brief looks pretty fluffy?

    You sure that isn't Mogano? [ ;

  8. ^^ hello????? there's your answer right there.
  9. Just a gentle reminder to those reading this thread that buying/selling/trading or soliciting for such is a bannable offense.

    Jenny1963, if you wear the Cafe more, keep that as you already have a Mogano. :yes:
  10. Hey Addy, I'm sending things to Corey and am NOT soliciting for anything. Just needed help; is that okay??
    And, I'm including my mogano Brief in Corey's shipment and am KEEPING my Cafe. It's sort-of what I thought originally, but I needed help other than my darling (but clueless) husband.
    Thanks, all!
  11. Aw...I would say keep it for a little longer to see if you do get any use out of it. But since you already know that you probably will opt for your Courier when going for that color, it would be pointless. Good luck!