Help Am I Crazy!!!!!!!

  1. This was suppose to be a happy thread about " a little red for V-day" but it ended up to be a help post.:crybaby:

    Fedex just arrived with my v-day gift from dh but when I opend it I noticed that there where some cracks on the edge of my chevre wallet.

    Can someone tell me if this is normal? the cracks does not look nice but I am wondering if it's normal to crack at the folds of the wallet like this.

    I didn't tell my SA yet. I don't want her to think I am crazy if this is not a big deal.

    Advice pls

  2. I don't know if that's normal but I really think you should talk to your SA or the manager. I'm so sorry this happened to your V gift!
  3. That is not normal for a brand new wallet! Def. take her back!!!
  4. I'm sorry to hear this, as Peli said I'd take it back to H w/o a doubt ! I hope it didn't ruin your V day for you !
  5. ^I agree with the girls - return it - I wouldn't consider that normal.

    Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day, anyway! It's a LOVELY wallet!
  6. I am not being picky right?
  7. NO! It's not picky to expect a $$$ wallet to be in A1 condition, especially direct from the store!
  8. You must take it back. It is beautiful, but you should have it in its full beauty!
  9. TAKE IT BACK!! u paid good money for should be in brand new & perfect condition!!

    i hope u still have a wonderful valentine's..... that's sweet of ur DH!!
  10. No, return it....
  11. Members that have a chevre bearn

    will there be cracks like these after you have been using it?
  12. I am so sorry cxyvr. Return it since it is new.
  13. yes, probably -- but not because you want to return the wallet! :p

    seriously, adding my voice to the chorus -- you are NOT being too picky for wanting it in tip-top condition. what exactly is the point of hermes, if not uncompromising quality in exchange for a butt-load of moolah? hold them to their end of the deal!
  14. Definitely not crazy at all - those cracks are beyond what's normal. I've seen many Bearns and other small pieces with teeny little flaws that are natural in the skin, but those in particular would bother me as well. Especially where they are on the edge, I suspect they might get worse in time.

    Don't worry - your SA can easily find another one for you. You'll just get your V Day gift a little late! Sorry this happened though!
  15. I agree .... return it.