HELP ALMA Vernis Blanc Corail or Alma Epi Electric Noir

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Alma which one?

  1. Blanc Corail

  2. Epi Electric Noir

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  1. Hi Bag Lovers

    Once again I am in need of help. I have decided to purchase an Alma (have loved this bag for about two years). The problem is I can't decide on which one to get. I love the Vernis Blanc Corail and I was all set to purchase when I read that LV whites in the past had turned yellowish after time. I would like to keep this bag for many years so I am not sure if I want to take that chance. Well the other day when going into the store to see the new givre color (thinking this would be a substitute for the blanc corail) I noticed the Alma in Epi Electric Noir. It had a beautiful bag charm and I fell in love with it once it was on my arm. It is classic and understated and again I could use it for many years. I already have a few black bags (none LV only Gucci and Chanel), however I own no white bags.

    So here is where I need your help. Which would you get the epi or vernis Alma (FYI I am looking at the BB and PM sizes).

    Thanks in advance for your help. I always know where to come to resolve by bag issues :P
  2. My vote goes for the Epi Electric Alma BB or PM!! The patent black is really beautiful.

    I would be cautious with a white vernis bag. If you really want a white bag, why not look at the ivorie epi alma? No issue with colour transfer, and it can easily be cleaned when dirty.
  3. I would go for the epi electric! As said above, vernis esp in lighter colours can get colour transfers easily and it may not look as nice in the long run. In comparison, the epi is such a beautiful leather that really keeps its shape and is really durable even after 10+yrs! The only problem with epi electric is that the finger prints can become quite obvious in the noir epi electric - but I guess this may be true for vernis as well. Goodluck deciding!!
  4. Thanks need LV. I have looked at the ivorie epi alma but think I am in love with the shine. Do you have anything in electric? How does it hold up? Also, have we heard of any other new colors for vernis?
  5. Epi Electric in black, its super chic, I want to buy one too, went to the store last saturday, unfortunately they only had the one on the display and I want a brand never touched one, the'll call me when they receive it.
  6. Electric Noir. Drop dead gorgeous!!
  7. Thanks for all the responses ladies. I was on the fence as the black would be great for work and the white would be great for summer but do I really want to pay the $$$ for a summer bag that may yellow or have color transfer.

    Does anyone own the blanc alma? How is it holding up?
  8. Thanks for the input. I am not to concerned with finger prints on my bag as I usually keep a dust cloth in my bags. Would you go with the PM or the BB in the epi?
  9. Which size are you waiting on? I have been lusting over these two bags since the blanc first came out. Been debating for months and decided I must have one in my life lol.
  10. Agreed and such a classic. Both of these bags make my flutter as my dad would say.
  11. Yes, I have the Epi Electric Brea GM. I have owned it since May 2010, and so far, no issues. Any minor scratches I have done (by smacking it up against a wall etc) have buffed out with the cloth that comes with my bag. Also, it does show fingerprints, but I find with the alma and brea, you use the handle, so fingerprints aren't too much of an issue. But for this reason, I probably wouldn't get a wallet in the Epi Electric though!!

    As for Vernis colours, have you also looked at the Amarante Alma? It is really beautiful - black in some light, cherry colour in sunlight. Same issue with showing fingerprints though!
  12. I want the MM, Alma BB ist way too small for me and the normal size is fine, but I carry a lot of stuff around so the MM is the one for me. Plus I'm 5'10" so the others look a bit weird on me. :biggrin:
  13. Aww thanks so much. You are a huge help and have me leaning towards the epi. I must say that the brea is a great looking bag. I have looked at some other colors in vernis but none make my heart sing (aside from the blanc corail). I will let you know what I decide.
  14. I actually stuffed some of my stuff in the BB and was surprised by all that fit in it. I was able to get my wallet, cell phone, cosmetic pouche, and my glasses holder in there. Perfect size. Just trying to figure out if it will be as good long term as the PM as I am only 5'4". Will be waiting to see your reveal.
  15. blanc corail all the way for me :biggrin: