HELP! alma bb rose florentine

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  1. hello! I recently found an alma bb in rose florentine brand new ! Although it only includes shoulder strap, clochette, care booklet, padlock and keys

    I believe LV stopped producing this bag in 2010 so I'm not too sure what the color looks like in real life !! I'm not much of a baby pink person.. but if it's a hint of pink that is great :smile:

    Dilemma.. I'm reading about color transfers... color change.. so I'm thinking if it's worth getting still or if I should consider EPI. instead. To me the epi feels like it has less of a wow factor but possibly more practical.
    Is this bag more nude/beige than pink? high maintenance? does it have a pearly sheen? is the interior canvas? (looks that way... although the EPI almas seem to have suede? ) Zipper hard to use? hard to open bag? (heard it is pretty stiff)

    Opinions? Info? anything would be great!! TIA!
  2. If it is a light color and it is a cross body bag you have a high chance of color transfer. I agree that vernis is more beautiful than epi in the alma collection. I would go into the boutique and have a look at the bags structure and colors in person if you are able. The alma collection has a nice selection of colors to choose from. The alma interior is not suede unless it is more of a higher end bag made of ostrich or alligator. The alma is very structured and stiff. The smaller the bag the more difficult it is to get in and out of. I have the alma pm and would love the bb size, but it would drive me nuts going in and out of the bag. It sounds like you have a lot of doubts. Again If you are able to go to The boutique to check it out, or you can purchase it and if you don't like it then you can sell it. I personally tell myself at times when in doubt leave it out. I don't know if this has helped or not. I'm sure you will make the best choice that works for you. Handbag drama
  3. The color is pearly and as described by you I think, but it's a very light color. Maybe you would prefer the rose velours? It's a nude with a pink undertone and pearly too, but a bit darker so a little more worry free (i have the alma bb in this color and wore her for the first time and I am so in love). IMO it is also a bit easier to combine with clothes.