Help?! Aline mini - did Hermes sell me the wrong bag?

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  1. Agreed. I prefer accurate knowledge of what this bag is especially since I’m buying this from an Hermès shop and not a reseller.
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  2. If this is milo leather then I might have been over charged. The other Aline bags they had on display was priced less.
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  3. Exactly. They need to identify the leather, MATCH all of the serial numbers on the bag, on the box and on the receipt and on whatever “super secret” tracking numbers they may or may not have in the bag and in their system, and make sure that the documents they give you (and that they file with H on this bag) reflect this correctly so that you have proper documents if you want to spa or sell this bag in the future. It isn’t actually your problem to solve, it is theirs, and they must give you correct paperwork. Or—alternatively, if the whole thing is screwed up beyond sorting, exchange the bag for one that Is accurate.
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  4. Ah lambskin!
  5. I don’t know that answer, but have a question for you. Your bag has a nicer shape than the ones I’ve seen which are rectangular, yours has more shape on the bottom. Is this a special style for Aline?
  6. I am certain it is. I suspect incorrect printing of label but do confirm with the store, keep us posted.
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  7. 67B66C18-DCDE-4EC2-872C-A0EE6F54C13E.jpeg
    Barenia should look like this and not a foil stamp. Hope this helps.
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  8. I don't think it is a special style.
  9. The one I have has a foil stamp. I've contacted the SA again and she tells me she's checked with a coworker and BF does in fact have a grainy look (can't believe a SA knows so little). As such bag and receipt provided is not accurate. She has to speak with the manager to see what the next steps are. If it is the milo - there is a MYR700 difference between the two types of leathers.
  10. Happy to hear the SA finally realized something is wrong! Hope you get a satisfying resolution soon; definitely ask to speak to the manager yourself if it doesn’t.

    I am surprised but also not really that surprised to see how an SA turned out to be not so knowledgeable as I’ve heard other stories...maybe somewhere in the hiring and training process some bar was’s sad when this is your interaction with H because there are many great SAs too.