Help?! Aline mini - did Hermes sell me the wrong bag?

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  1. Seeking expert opinion. I recently purchased this bag from the Hermes shop and convinced that the description of the leather is incorrect. I've done some research and none of the bags I've seen in the Barenia Faubourg Fauve looks like the one I've purchased.

    Does anyone think this was a mistake and the wrong tag was put on the box?

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  2. Hi.. congrats on your purchase... Why don't you ask your SA? I mean does it bother you if the leather wasn't as stated in the receipt?
  3. I did ask her - but she doesn’t seem to know that Barenia Faubourg is more textured. I just want to know the actual leather/specs of the bag.
  4. I would go back and ask again. Otherwise you have just on line opinions from a photo, which is never gonna be a certainty...
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  5. That definitely doesn’t look like Barenia Fauberg to me.
  6. Purely from your photo alone I am guessing it’s Swift, but this is really odd. I hope you clear up this mystery and please do let us know.
  7. That does not look like barenia Faubourg...another way to tell is to look at the blind stamp, it should Imprinted into the bag
  8. I have the Aline in Barenia Faubourg and I think it looks different than yours. I am not at home or I would take a picture for you. I would ask the store to double check.
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  9. How do I tell from the blind stamp if it’s a Barenia Faubourg ?
  10. Yes I’m planning to do so. But the SAs I’ve been dealing with keeps on saying Barenia has no grain. I said yes, but Barenia Faubourg does.
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  11. Well good luck I hope it all works out for you! Here is a picture of mine for comparison.

  12. Is this perhaps just Fauve Barenia and not Barenia Faubourg? Then it would be smooth. Agreed it’s not looking like the Faubourg version for sure. Still a stunning bag!
  13. That is definitely not Barenia Faubourg and that is what is listed on your receipt so it is probably best to speak with the SM. She will need to provide accurate documents for the bag you have, or provide a new bag with accurate documents. Accurate documents being the key words here.
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  14. It looks like smooth barenia or swift leather to my eyes.
  15. this is milo leather
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