HELP!! ~ Alexandra Wallet or MC French Purse??

  1. Hi! I am new to this forum & need advice from all the experts here :smile:

    I am torn between the Alexandra wallet & White MC French purse. I like my wallets compact, yet I want enough cc slots.

    I've heard the MC dirties easily, & the Alexandra is quite bulky.

    Advice pleeease?
    If anyone has pics of these 2 wallets (filled), please share them with me. Thanks! :p
  2. I was considering the Alexandra wallet but I found where you put your bills to deep. I also noticed the same thing about the french purse. Before you buy one check it out. I ended up buying the Koala wallet and I love it. I really like that it has a lot of credit card slots and it has an ID window and it is still compact. And the gold clasp is so darn cute.
  3. i think i like the french purse better. it is the only LV purse that looks so feminine and cute! (imo)
  4. which one is the alexandra? pics?
  5. Thanks for the tips!

    I've seen both pieces briefly at the LV stores, but I still cannot make up my mind. The Alexandra has space, whilst the MC looks so pretty! *Major dilemma* :confused1:
  6. My SA showed me the Alexandra the other week and I really like it but I already have a purse in mono and want something else. I like the French Purse but in Pomme, it looks gorgeous!
    I didn't think the Alexandra was bulky. I like that it has a ID window too so I can put pics in it.
  7. Mc French Purse gets my vote! :tup:
  8. Thanks for the advice.... I'm leaning more towards the Alexandra wallet now.

    The only concern is still the size, looks like I really need to visit an LV store soon. :rolleyes: