HELP: Alexa stitching came off


Feb 8, 2008
I purchased a black oversized alexa online off Harrods in June 2010 (I'm from Singapore) but started using it only in September. This is my first Mulberry and I'm terribly disappointed with its quality.

A couple weeks into using the bag I noticed a few loose threads sticking out from the handle, but they were not noticeable so I decided to just ignore them.

However a few days ago, I realised that the stitches joining the handle to the bag itself have snapped (is that the right word to use?)!! Also, the leather pieces joined by glue that is being used to hold the handle down to the bag has separated... I know my explanation sounds confusing, I'll try to post pictures when I'm home.. In short, the handle looks like its going to separate from the bag anytime.. :sad: Which means, currently I can no longer carry the bag by its handle as it might give way anytime.. :sad: I'm left only with the option of carrying it by strap.

I will be bringing the bag down to the boutique here in Singapore but I'm not sure if they'll even entertain me since I did not purchase the bag directly from the boutique here...... Have any of you girls experienced this before?


Do you think the warranty would cover this or will they make me pay for the repair charges? Anyone knows approximately how much would it cost to repair the bag? For the price I'm paying for this bag, I would expect it to last..... Sigh.

Sorry for the long read. I'm just disappointed with the quality of the bag. This is my first Mulberry and I was initially thinking of purchasing another alexa in Oak but I guess I'm gonna have to get something else..

Jul 9, 2009
Dont worry this will be covered by the 12mths warranty- hope it gets sorted soon for you- sorry you have had such a disappointment- Id email Harrods too and see if they dont send you some vouchers for the inconvenience?


Jan 18, 2008
well, before I bought Alxa, I read all the threads about poor quality and decided to carry it half empty because of that. I did get a great piece, but I was constantly afraid for it. Here are some threads:

similar to yours

A tread about good and bad Alexa poins
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May 6, 2009
A similar thing happened to me (not the top handle but the side strap seemed to be coming away). They couldn't repair it but they offered me a replacement. I wanted to keep my first one (as it was a gift and one of the few 'made in england' ones), so they gave me vouchers for half the cost. I still use the bag but I don't put books or a laptop in it, just light stuff.

Hope you get yours sorted soon. It is a real disappointment!


Jan 2, 2010
That is really bad! I am sorry for your upset. As Elvis said above though, Mulberry should repair it free of charge under the 12 month warranty.Their customer service is usually excellent so hopefully it will be done for you with no problems. If they cannot fix it then you will most likely get a refund or a replacement bag or mulberry vouchers instead. Email both harrods and mulberry to see what the best way forward is. Email pictures of the damage and your sales receipt from harrods too as this will assist them to decide what to do for you.

I have 2 alexas and whilst I absolutely LOVE them, I agree that thay are not really made to carry a lot inside. I never overfill mine as I am mindful of the problems that people on here have encountered. That suits me though as I only carry a few small things in my bags and I just adore the way alexa looks and how easy it is to carry (esp around my children when I need to be hands free!). If you want a sturdy workhorse bag then the bayswater is a stronger style and fewer problems have been reported on here in relation to this style.

Good luck and I hope it is sorted out for you quickly xx


Jun 20, 2010
I bought an Alexa in June 2010 too and the quality of that one wasn't the greatest; I had to send it off several times to get restitched and get the strap replaced. When I went in with my latest complaint; one of the stitch holes was tearing, they offered me a replacement. This was in October/November and although I miss my old one terribly, I must say that my new Alexa is a lot sturdier; the leather seems thicker and more resilient. So maybe the answer is to ask for a replacement?

Hope everything gets sorted soon!


Apr 4, 2010
How awful! I bought a normal sized alexa in black and I absolutely love it and is so far still and looks in great condition. The only problem I have is with the strap as the loose bit is curling which I have tried to sort out by using some black tape wrapped round it.

I've heard from a few people while shopping that the quality of the oversized is not great and you shouldn't put too much weight in it which put me off getting it.

Hope you get it sorted.


Feb 8, 2008
Hi all, thanks for your replies! I've read everyone of them and really appreciate your input / help!

I brought the bag to the Mulberry boutique yesterday and they were very nice about it. They will have to send pictures to the UK to get it "examined" to determine if the damages were caused by wear and tear in order to let me know if its covered by warranty.

I don't mind paying for repairs, I just want my Alexa to be in good shape again.

Thanks all for sharing! :flowers: and a happy merry christmas to all!!! :rockettes::santawave::xtree:


Nov 21, 2009
Merry Christmas:smile: if you're under warranty, which you are, there is No way you should be paying for repairs