Help! Alaia booties- have you seen them?

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  1. Looking for these booties! Has anyone seen them anywhere? Any leads are appreciated! :smile:
  2. Hi ! they were in my dream box at yoox for at least a month and decided against them!!!
    Visit yoox every now and then!
    Good luck! When i encounter them, i will surely PM you.
    What size will you need?
  3. OMG, I never saw them at Yoox! :cry: How much were they?

    I need a 7 or 7.5. I think I could make either work.

    I'll keep checking Yoox.

    Thank you, doll! :winkiss:
  4. such a good price... $ 815 for this pair and the leopard hiking boots!

    But really needed some alaia belt instead to wear to work so passed on them..

    These alaia shoes are like a drug... you want more ' no?

    Finally snagged three belts at the Barney's outlet sale... and i hope i stay quiet for a while! ;)

  5. Alaias are truly addictive works of art!

    Congrats on the scores! Hopefully I can find these beauties. I love them so!

    Thanks for keeping an eye out! :smile:
  6. Was just going to mention checking Yoox but someone beat me to it :smile:

    Yoox definitely has a varied selection of Alaia - - - also, sometimes even The has them.