HELP! Agenda or another bag? TIA (im a newbie)

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  1. ok so here is the deal:
    my Partner is getting me a gift and im supposed to make a little list. I want an Agenda, since i am getting back into getting my life organized at work (Full time as operations consultant and about to take on a part time job doing basically the same for another company), and home, and i was thinking hmm.... do i need a LV one or should i get a cheapie (work just got me a cheapie). I own the LV Montosouirs, Speedy 40, a wallet, and a pouchette (all monogram canvas). I also own 1 Gucci messanger, and Prada Messanger, and various other bags (mid-low end) that i use on a daily bases, so if i do get an agenda i want one to match, and/or work with all.
    What size Agenda?
    Or do I do a new bag? like the Neverfull? :shrugs:

    ANY HElp is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU.
  2. get a cheap organizer and go for the bags!

  3. not sure how much he is willing to pay, but i figured if i got a med agenda and the filler, it would total to almost as much as a bag? i dunno. my calc could be wrong.

  4. I'm dying for the violette's cheaper than a I say go for it! why not??
  5. either med or larger agenda depends how busy your life is, certainly NOT the small! I work part time & full time student, med fits me perfectly :yes:, you can also double it as wallet by adding filofax inserts for cc & clear zip pouch for coins. Agenda club also have many idea&pix of agenda :flowers:
  6. I say agenda, if you think you will actually use it. If not, then go for the bag. Neverfull is great as a work bag.
  7. I would go for a bag.

  8. There is probably about $450.00 difference between the two.
  9. go for the agenda!
  10. I would get an agenda. I use mine everyday. I really can't see how I managed to function with out it.