HELP! Agenda Color...

  1. I have been going agenda crazy this year. I bought a zipper agenda (the smallest size) in fushia. It was perfect for me and the color is the one I have wanted for ages. However, once I took it home I noticed there was a rip in the leather, so the agenda went back.

    Then last week I bought a really large agenda but it had no zipper, it was just a cover. When I took it home my parents said they weren't fans and they really wanted me to have an agenda with a zipper ( seeing as this was a gift from them I had to listen). Thank goodness my SA is amazing and before I bought the second one she said if my parents don't like it I can bring it back.

    So now that is going back but I have found the PERFECT agenda but I don't know what color to get! I have never seen etoupe IRL..would that be a good agenda color? I also know that there is vert anis, red, blue jean and turquoise. I love bright colors but my SA said etoupe is a nice neutral color and is better for long term use. Can anyone explain how etoupe looks? I heard it has white does that look with it? I am color overwhelmed and the sad thing is I can't go to the store to see any of this b/c I am in victoria and the store is in I need help!
  2. i really like blue jean for a zip agenda, or raisin. etoupe is a grey color- it looks like cement or clay to me. i don't know if barenia comes in the zip style but i think it would be gorgeous for an agenda. it only gets better with age.
  3. blue jean would be good. I wish they had raisin! Canada really lacks with their color choices. hmmm not sure about etoupe now
  4. Yes Hlfinn!

    I just got a GM agenda with zip in Barenia.
  5. my choice would be blue jean or turquoise (leaning towards turquoise) because like you i love bright colors especially for accessories. blue jean would have the contrasting white stitching whereas turquoise i believe is tonal stitching (same color). also blue jean is probably in epsom leather whereas turquoise can be in chevre which is my favorite leather for accessories! good luck!
  6. I have seen raisin zips (or was it violet?!) and I thought they were gorgeousss. If your local store doesn't have the color you're looking for, try asking your SA to do a search? Mine did and now I'm awaiting a rose shocking to come in from Paris :nuts:

    I think etoupe is a lovely color, but if you are looking for colors that pop, etoupe is not it. Etoupe looks either dark or light grey depending on the light. I'd recommend the other brighter colors like turquoise or rose shocking or rouge garrance. Maybe even vert anis or blue jean.

    Good luck!
  7. Since your first choice was fushcia, I would recommend another bright colour like turquoise or vert anis. What a great dilemna to have!
  8. Oh, and kiss your parents!!!!
  9. I like agendas in non-natural colours. Raisin, lavender, aqua, fuchia, rose shocking, rouges, anything like that.
  10. Perhaps you might like orange - for me it is the quintessential Hermes colour :yes:
  11. I agree with what most people have posted here:-
    if you like strong colours then etoupe is not going to float your boat. Yes, it is a great neutral but this item will live with you day by day and sit on your desk beside you within eyeshot all the time so it must give you visual pleasure. If you can't have the design you want now in fuscia, rose shocking may fill the pink gap but turquise or vert anis are also super-attractive eye-candy colours. If you have nothing else - I mean clothes here - in this sort of pallette to suit your wardrobe longer term you might think about going for the primary type colours like red and blue.

    Having chosen the colour if you can sqweeze a chevre item out of your loving parents do that! It handles superbly and the colours pop in the leather. But don't worry all the leathers are good - it's what Hermes is all about and I'm really surprised to hear your first attempt had a rip in it.
  12. My vote is also for a bright color! Although I buy neutral color bags, I express the brighter color side of me in accessories.

    Awesome parents, btw.
  13. thanks for all the help!!! And yes it was quite the dilemma but I am happy that I finally found an agenda style that I love. Right now I am leaning towards the turquoise. I don't think etoupe is the color for me. I love colors that contrast and since I have a ulysees in organge a tuqouise agenda would be a nice addition. I'm also going to head over to that small accessories link for some inspiration.

    Yes, when I saw there was a rip in the first agenda I was soo sad. It was a small rip in the pull tag on the handle, I think someone got a little tooo excited when opening the agenda and gave the tag and nice tug. I wanted it sooo badly I almost kept it but my parents told me for that much money it should be perfect.

    And yes my parents do deserve a nice big hug and kiss

    I'll post pics once the agenda comes my way!
  14. GG2000 ~ Turqouise:heart: Is So Beautiful & You Love Brights...Perfect!!!!! Your Parents Are So Sweet ~ I Don't Blame Them...You Should Only Have The Best!!!:yes:;):heart: