Help!!! Agate or Violine Ostrich

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Agate (gray) or Violine Ostrich

  1. Agate (gray)

  2. Violine

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  1. I am torn between the two, please help me choose one -- Agate (gray) or Violine Ostrich -- both 30mm in palladium hardware???:yahoo: Thanks!

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  2. Violine is my HG, go for it :yahoo:
  3. these two colors are just wonderful in ostrich. I voted for violine because I am biased toward purple birkins, however, agate is truely equally beautiful. If I were to get one more ostrich, it would be agate (unless they make another purple toned ostrich!!)
  4. I love both! If I've to pick one, it's Violine Ostrich. Gris Agathe is a beautiful shade of grey, dovey looking than gris tourterelle ostrich. Being in the grey scheme, you can match with many shades in your wadrobe and an everlasting color which you'll never tire of forever.

    However, violine on the other hand blossomed in the form of 30B and a head stunner! You can't resist after closer inspection.
  5. Violet, but the grey is really stunning too !
  6. Violet violet violet......
  7. I would pick Agate for its rarity.
  8. Agate for it's subtlety
  9. Agate - coz its so rare. And easy to match anything in ur wardrobe! :smile:
  10. Hmm... Is it possible to get 2? :drool:
  11. Agate for its rarity.
  12. Violet ... I'm in love with violet n fuschia... When ohh when will it come into my closet.....
  13. Agate, a nice classic and easier to wear than Violine IMO ;).
  14. Violine -- so rich looking.
  15. Both are absolutly lovely but I would go with Violine.