Help against bag sag?

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  1. Anyone else bothered by all your goodies sitting at the bottom of your bag and the bottom sags out? I've tried googling a liner that sits at the base of a bag but I havn't found anything. Anyone know if there is a product like that?
  2. I simply cut out a used cardboard according to the size of the base. :biggrin:
  3. I just bought a bag shaper bottom for my LV Speedy 30 but haven't carried it yet with the shaper.
  4. I take the bottom (the piece of plastic) from a reusable grocery bag. Some of the bags come with it, it's an insert for support on the bottom. You can buy the reusable grocery bags (for about $1.99)at your favorite grocery store, just make sure they have that bottom insert, some of them don't come with it. Then you still have a reusable shopping bag. It works for my Gucci Sukey!
    Maybe stick a few pieces together for extra support. :thinking: if you tend to haul around more stuff....
  5. Just a quick note that i had my husband cut one out from very thin plexiglass to fit the bottom of two of my bags where the sag bothered me. Problem solved!
  6. I cut a piece of foamcore board (you can get it at Michaels, Joanns, Hobby Lobby) the size of the bottom of my bag. Stitched up a little fabric pocket to slide it into out of some remnant fabrics I had lying around and put it in the bottom. Solved!
  7. Thanks so much ladies for all of your ideas! I already found base shapers on ebay (thanks to MiniMabel), although not sure if they fit the smaller size of my bag but lots of helpful ideas. I was just curious how many of you handled it. :P
  8. Where did you find the bag shaper? I have the speedy 30 as well and I never have enough items in the bag so it kind of smushes in the middle
  9. I found it on this site-
  10. I saw on u-tube a clear thin plastic bag shaper fitted a LV Neverfall I am sure there would be other sizes available.
  11. A few heavyweight sheets of cardstock do the trick for me. I don't like it too rigid, and I choose a white cardstock so it reflects light inside the bag. The foamcore idea sounds like it would be easy to cut to fit the shape, plus you can cut rounded corners so it doesn't poke or damage the corners of your bag.
  12. I do this too!! If I need a little more heft, I will add a bit of the tissue that came with the handbag and put the plastic bottom and tissue inside the handbag sleeper. You can trim it to fit if needed, and I use the same bottom with many of my bags.
  13. Don't the edges poke into the purse causing wear in the "pressure point" areas?