Help again...

  1. :girlsigh: As usual .. I have a situation...I just ordered a couple of small items from my SA..they didn't have what I wanted in the the SA was going to have to have it shipped from another store to his store...well after sleeping on it.. I decided I wanted a different leather than what we had discussed so I called first thing when I woke up to change my order..well my SA had to leave town on a family emergency and is not due back for a I asked to speak with the manager to see if they could change my order ( since I haven't been charged yet and it hasn't shipped) and frankly the manager was kind of rude I felt ( they seemed unwilling to help..and kept telling me I would have to wait until my SA returned)
    I would prefer not to wait ( although I def. want my SA to get credit for the sale) because as some of you may takes an extra long time for my items to get to me due to my situation. Do you ladies have any advice for me? Am I just being too impatient? Should I just wait the week until my SA returns? BTW.. He was going to have to get the other leather from another store also and I'm concerned someone may buy it in the meantime if I don't get it...HELP PLEASE:sad:
  2. I think you should wait until your SA returns. This will get too complicated for you otherwise. Who knows, you may want your original choice of leather, and if not, he will find what you want some where. If you had bad vibes from the manager, BTW how rude of him to be unhelpful to you!, then I really would wait it out. That is one thing about this brand, it sure teaches you patience!
  3. thanks're right.. !!:yes:
  4. If you like your SA and are in a good relationship with him, you should just wait the week out. Small leather items are not too hard to come by. They sell a lot slower.
  5. I know.. I'm just an impulse/anxious/instant gratification shopper:shame:
    I'm trying to work on it!!
  6. I'm sorry the manager wasn't helpful, that is a bummer. Agree with waiting for your SA to return...but I know it's not easy!!