Help Again - Part 2!

  1. Hi

    In my earlier thread you may have read that I brought an Epi 25 and exchanged for an Epi 30.

    Well I truely think it is just too big and I think the Alma may be a better bag! However what will LV be like if I exchange it for this - will they even do it?

    I mean this second exchange - should I even bother?

    Anyone have any experiences - it will be the Leeds shop in the UK

  2. As long you bring it back before the return date (I think 14 days..? not sure...) it should be fine. Honestly, who cares what the store will think, YOU need to be happy with your purchase so if you think you'll like the alma better then get that.

    Next time you go to the store make sure to really try on everything, you my be surprised by something you never thought about getting before. This has happened to me a few times.

    Try the alma, lockit and anything else you like the look of, you never know until you try it on.
  3. Is there anything written on the receipt regarding their return policy? In Australia, we're only allowed to exchange once with 14 days.
  4. Well I have looked at the receipt and all it says is 'no refunds, exchange within 14 days'

    Do you think it will be ok?
  5. I think it will. I would just bring it in and tell them you're not happy with the bag and want to exchange it for something else. If it's within the 14 days it shouldn't be a problem, but you wont know until you try. You could always call them and tell them you want to exchange it but you wanted to make sure you could before you came in...
  6. Thanks - I may call them first in the morning and see - feeling a bit stressed about it all to be honest:sad:
  7. I think that as long as you are within the period for the return policy, that is should be ok to do the 2nd exchange. I'm assuming that you didn't use the bag. I've actually did this myself once. I bought a mono Alma, then exchanged it for a Damier Alma, then brought it back again for a mono Alma which I kept. Then a few years later, I sold my mono Alma to my friend. Don't be embarrassed! Just let the SA know that you didn't use the bag and are exchanging it within the return period for another bag.
  8. Awww... I'm so sorry you are so stressed out about your bag situation. Call them tomorrow and see if they'll let you exchange again. I can be very indecisive sometimes too, don't feel bad! And who cares what the SAs think =)

    And if it makes you feel better, the epi 30 truly is TDF!
  9. If i am not wrong, it is one exchange per purchase. Why not you call up and ask? good luck!
  10. I hope you are able to exchange it, it shouldn't be a problem if you are within the timeframe stated on the receipt. Alma might be a better bag for you if you really want to be able to get in it easily because it zips all the way down.

    I have a rule that I won't buy a bag unless I've tried it on at least 3-4 times (this isn't that hard for me since I have several boutiques within 20 minutes of where I live), it has definitely helped me make the right choice the first time I buy something.
  11. I do prefer the alma in epi to the speedy. Good luck!
  12. I prefer the epi alma!
  13. Take it back and exchange it as many times until YOU ARE HAPPY!!!!
  14. I agree ^ I think the Alma is a good alternative to the speedy and I love it in epi.
  15. i feel the same way you do, but i'm sure they understand. if you're gunna spend the big bucks you need to be happy with what you get.

    If you really feel obligated to give an explanation (which is sometimes what i feel even tho i shouldn't) then just say you tried the bag on with several outfits in your closet and you didn't see it working as well as the alma :tup: