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  1. Hello. I'm sort of new to all this. I've read but never posted.

    I'm starting a new job (with a campaign) and looking for the perfect bag. I'm looking for a large (preferably black) bag that is simple but chic enough to go from field to the office to the occassional event/get-together. I've been eyeing the Marc by Marc Jacobs Huge Hillier because it seems to have all that plus the shoulder strap and the longer strap (I love that it's removable). And it's not too flashy - which is a must for campaign work, you never know where you are headed. I've never purchased a MbMJ bag before. Is this a good work-y bag?

    You guys are the experts and I would really appreciate any advice/suggestions.

  2. I love the MBMJ Hillier bag and I think it'll work great. You should also check out the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki bag. That might work for you too!
  3. I think the MBMJ is a great choice. I love all of my MBMJ bags, and I think one will be perfectly appropriate for your line of work. Good luck!
  4. Great bags! Not as flashy, but stylish and good quality!
  5. What about the Marc by Marc Jacobs Moto Proto Zag Hobo? I recently saw a picture. How big is it? Could it fit a macbook or a portfolio?

    How wide is the opening of the Huge Hillier? Can it fit a file folder or portfolio?

    Thanks - haven't had a chance to see it in person yet.
  6. If you are more focused on MbMJ at this point (and I agree that it's a great choice), then I would try posting your question in the Marc Jacobs subforum, where you will definitely get expert advice and more opinions. :smile: