Help, Advice, Suggestions...

  1. The next two weekends I'm going away with my boyfriend and I need some help, advice or suggestions on lingerie...I'm heading to the mall after work today but I need something that will get his motor running and make his eyes pop out...
  2. Try Agent Provocateur.
  3. Try Victoria's Secret, they have some pretty nice stuff as well.
  4. Ditch the lingerie and go for a full body scrub/massage the day before - that'll get your skin all smooth and shiny, then who needs undies! His eyes will go *ba-going-oing-oing*
  5. :lol:
  6. :lol: omg that is so funny but true, hmm now i'm thinking maybe i shouldn't even bother with it, it's not like men take time to appreciate it rite?
  7. I agree with Cal- don't waste your money on lingerie- go for a mani/pedi, wax and body scrub and look phenom in the buff! Besides, its never on long enough for them to appreciate!!!
  8. P.S. And have a fantastic weekend together!
  9. :smile: Vicotrias Secret is good for moderatly priced lingerie. :smile:

    They have this REALLY adorable skirted thong right now- look for it, it's in a light blue color, and it ties in a satin bow in the back- there is an ADORABLE matching bra as well.

    ( I was there yesterday looking for stuff, lol.)

  10. So true:lol:
  11. They have nice things here ....

    But i would go for the body scrub make sure your skin is nice a smooth ........He will LOOVeeeee that :love: