Help! Advice/Opinions needed about a HAC!

  1. Hello ladies, i'm finally stepping away from the Chanel boards posting on the Hermes boards after lurking (heh) for a loooong time!

    I've found a "vintage" HAC 32 in moderate condition (stamped V, i'm not sure how old this is? can anyone shed some light?), not the best though, because there's quite a bit of wear to the handles (the leather has darkened) and there are other minor flaws with the bag. Also, it doesn't come with any dustbags or box... but i'm pretty sure its authentic because its from a very reliable seller.

    The seller is willing to sell it at roughly $4000, and i'm not sure if i should get this or not, or wait till another better one comes my way! The main reason why i'm tempted is because the price is quite reasonable... but then again its probably that price for a reason lol. I've always loved the HAC in the 32 size (its been a 5-6 year long love affair with it, now, i've always loved the HAC more than the birkin), and in this particular colour/hardware combination! Right now i'm living in an area where the nearest Hermes store is only accessible to me via a plane ride (i.e. NO hermes store anywhere in sight) :crybaby: , hence i'm been browsing online in hopes of finding a HAC that i like!

    If im not mistaken this is box calf leather, and i was also wondering whether the darkening of the handles would be something that could be "fixed" by refurbishing?

    here are some pics of the darkening on the handles:

    So yes, ladies, what do you think? i'm in a dilemma now, i'm not sure if i should get it or wait (for another few years probably):shrugs: All of your esteemed opinions, comments, suggestions will be most appreciated by this humble Hermes newbie :yes: Thanks so much in advance :heart:
  2. hello nightshade,

    is the v encased in a circle? if so, it is 15 years old or made in 1992.
  3. that seems like a high price for a bag in this condition. can you wait and save and buy a new one in a year or 2?
    it's not that this bag isn't worth 4k. it's just that personally, once i get past a certain number, i think it's reasonable to expect perfection.
  4. I tend to agree with HiHeels, and am often shocked at how much sellers want for a used bag. For instance, I have seen many bags up on eBay that were purchased years ago, are in used condition and yet the seller wants either current retail or sometimes more than current retail. I guess that is why those bags don't sell. I know that I would not pay even close to current retail for a used bag, especially if there is any sign of wear.
  5. I know it's hard to do (believe me when I say this!) but I'd wait too. For another $1,550 - $2K you can find another HAC in better condition. I don't like the handles and not just because of the discoloration. To me the leather looks dry (maybe it's just the angle of the shots) and that concerns me.
  6. I'd say wait a couple of years...get a new one. I dont think it's worth $4K for a very used one. What's an additional $3K..when you can put money aside in a couple of years. If that bag is about $2K or even $2.5, I might consider it....but $4K? I'd rather keep the money, add another $3K between now and then and get a "Brand" new one. That's just my opinion.

    If you check out LZ (Luxury-Zurich) reseller..sometimes they would have a HAC for about $5K that is not too old..about 3-5 yrs old, better overall condition and better prices (well...sometimes:rolleyes: )

    Let us know what have you decided.
  7. The waiting game...but in the end it is worth it.
  8. I'm still waiting..but I know it's WORTH the wait!!

    "Good things comes to those who wait"
  9. nightshade, if $4000 is stretching it for you and as high as you'd want to go, then this bag is worth serious consideration. You might even be able to negotiate a lower price, say $3500. However, if you're willing to add up to $2,000 more, you'll be able to find a bag in better shape.

    As far as the discoloration on the handles, this happens with some leathers and is part of its character. If it bothers you, that's another reason to pass on this bag.
  10. nightshade. I agree with millstream. If you can lower it to like $3500`$3750 I would get it! You know if you take it to Hermes and have them polish it for you (cost @ $150) it can look really nice again. (dare I say almost new!)They can do wonders there especially the one in beverly hills. It's a really cute bag! I say get it.
  11. Please let us know what you decide, nightshade!
  12. Thanks so much for all your opinions ladies! I'll definitely report back on how i go :biggrin: Thanks again!!! :love:
  13. Please bear in mind, the type of leather the bag is made in. Not all leathers recondition the looks like vache. And with Vache, natural patination is not reversible.
  14. i agree 100%....