Help! Advice on sale bags

  1. So I talked to the BV boutique in Hamburg again and I nailed my choices down to two bags that I really love, but since my budget is a little districted this season, I need to choose one.

    I`m sorry, I haven`t found any pics but here are the page numbers in the catalog:

    SS 2007 catalog page 141, not in Noce, but Atlantico, a beautiful dark blue for 1850-30%= 1295 Euro

    page 118, the Nodi Shopper in Limo for 1800-50%= 900 Euro.

    I have decided not to go for the Sardegna Shopper although it`s a real bargain, because it would be a "Oh wow, so little for a BV bag"-purchase and I don`t know if I`d really use it that often.

    But I so can`t decide between the other two. They`re so different but I just can`t allow myself to get both!

    Oh, and I so much want a "When your own initials are enough" scarf. Has anyone seen them somewhere lately?

    Thanks for your input, ladies and gentlemen!
  2. I would go for the Atlantico tote!
  3. I vote for the woven tote on page 141. I bet it is stunning in atlantico!
  4. oh, decisions, decisions:confused1: they are both so different for sure. i personally like the first one, because i love the woven style so much!!:heart:, and its instantly recognizable as bv, but the second one is such a delicious colour. hard choice!! let us know
  5. Another vote for the p 141 tote
  6. C_24 - the intrecciato is a more classic piece. the nodi is a different bag that not a lot of people will have. i say, if you this is your first bv, go for the intrecciato. if not, go for the nodi. good luck and show us the goods when you get it.
  7. My vote's for the Intrecciato Tote!

    They have one piece (in Noce) in the Singapore store, and it's gorgeous IRL. Atlantico sounds like an awesome colour, so I'm already imagining a fab combo. I'm just not too fond of the "yarn"?? on the Nodi :p
  8. The Intrecciato in Atlantico would be lush, rich and beautiful, whereas the Nodi, at least to me, is simply unique; its novelty might wear off.
  9. well, thanks for all your thoughts ladies and gentlemen, i really appreciated them!

    i watched the runway video on the website again and decided that the nodi shopper might be a little too big for me since i`m not that tall, so i phoned in today and ordered the atlantico shopper!

    i so can`t wait for it to arrive! i will post pics immediately ;o)
  10. Congratulations! Looking forward to some pictures. It sounds like the bag will be striking in that color. Navy is one of my favorite colors!
  11. oh congrats C_24. post some action pics when you get it, i bet it will be gorgeous:tup:
  12. Can't wait to see it! Lots of us here have been lusting for a deep blue BV - I'm eager to see if it would be too masculine for a woman to carry.