help!advice on rusty handles....

  1. I totally need your help!!

    a non designer bag I bought in india, rusted a lil bit on some parts of the silver hardware......the hardware originally is silver and now some parts are bronze colored:sad:((

    What would you guys do?? or advice??
    is there anything to make the lil rust go away??or make it better??

    I really love the bag and have it for several years........and while it only cost me about 30 bucks, it is one of my favourite.....

  2. The only thing I can think of is some type of cleaning supplies! I'm not sure if this is a great suggestion or not, so I would wait for some more responses. ;)

    Hope you get some help!
  3. How much money do you want to put into the bag?
    If you want it to be perfect, clean it throughly, grind off the rust, and take it to a jeweller to have it plated
    If you want it to be carryable, and not noticable, get a chrome polish or a metal polish. It will take off a layer, and you will have to be careful it doesn't rust in the future - keeping it clean, dry, ect. But... it's a few dollars at a convience store.