help/advice on my problem with my recent purchase??

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm very very very sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum, but I'm seeking some advice about an online consignment purchase & I wasn't sure where to best ask this question!

    I recently purchased a preloved LV wallet from The Newbury Street's online store.
    Their website says that they ship out everyday except Sundays and holidays.
    I purchased this past Sunday evening (my birthday!)
    For two days, the website's track order feature said that my purchase was "processing"
    I called on Wednesday and left a message expressing that I was concerned about my purchase, seeing as how according to the website it should have been shipped on Monday...
    They emailed me back and seemed very sorry. They said it should have gone out to ship on Tuesday morning and for some reason FedEx didn't come for their pickup.
    They assured me that it would go out Thursday morning (their next pick up time apparently, which does not agree with their claim that they ship everyday) and that they would expedite the shipping so that I would receive it at Monday the latest - also doesn't make sense considering they are located in Boston and I'm in NY...

    Now it is Thursday afternoon and my purchase is still processing...
    I called again and had to leave another message.
    Obviously, I am annoyed.

    My CC has been charged (I payed with my CC via PayPal)
    I'm thinking worst case scenario here, but if I don't get any resolution within the next few days, can I file a complaint with PayPal or with my CC company to get my funds back?? This has never happened to me before and I want to be optimistic, but I'm mostly annoyed because this was my bday present to myself and it's stressing me out that it's not being taken care of properly.

    Any advice on filing a claim?
    Any experience with The Newbury Street that could help?

    TIA everyone and have a good day!!
  2. i think you can call your cc company to cancel the transaction. sorry it didn't work out.
    happy belated birthday.
  3. I agree. If the charges have posted to your account call your bank and ask for a reversal of the charges due to the item not being shipped. That should do the trick, but I've also heard that paypal is consumer friendly and will always take the side of the consumer.

    Sorry this happend to you, especially on your birthday. I hope everything works out and you have a great birthday regardless.:smile: