Help/Advice on Beige Classic Flap

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  1. #1 Feb 20, 2014
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    Hi All. I need some assitance. All my chanel bags so far are black caviar with SHW. I'm thinking of adding abit of colour to my collection and was thinking of getting a beige clair M/L classic flap (caviar GHW)...given its currenlty in season. But i was wondering - those who have a beige flap, how do you find caring for it. Do you find that you baby it? Do you worry about colour transfer/staining. Do you worry it will get dirty?.... does it get dirty easy? I like to wear my black M/L with a long chain so im worried it will rub against my jeans and dye the back. Any experiences, thoughts or pictures are much appreicated.

    Thank you xxx
  2. I use mine only when I go out. Yes, maybe I watch where I place it, but nt worried about color transer as I dont really wear it cross body.I dont see it getting dirty easy as it is caviar. My beige clair lamb is 20 years old and still looks great..that one was used more....I aboslutely LOVE my beige claire
  3. I babe all my bags even black flap so it's not a matter of the color but more how you care for your bags. Anyways, beige Clair is a classic anytime of the year so if you really like the color I suggest you buy it, you will not regret it!. As per color transfer, very simple when you use it check it often and if you see a color transfer on it, I have heard and read here at TPF that some ladies get NON-alcohol baby wipes and wipe down any transfer and will come right off. I haven't done it bc I haven't had the need for it but I also condition and clean my bags once in a while and that might probably helps:smile:. GL in getting your bag and let us know once you get it!
  4. Mine is beige caviar and SA told me not to worry about color transfer.

    I took her advise and got the bag.

    I used it for 9 days in a row on the trip in Dec and had no problem at all.

    I don't throw her around who I take her out but I don't feel panic carrying her around people either.

    I clean her up regularly and put it back in the dust bag when not in use

    It goes with everything and love it so much!
  5. The other thing you can do with caviar (and not with other leathers like lamb) is use a waterproof treatment like Collonil Waterstop or other leather products that will provide this kind of protection, and that will help with color transfer issues, too. The Chanel SA actually sprayed this on my mini when I bought it.