Help! Advice Needed - Re: Madison Fringe Bag

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  1. I've never had a problem with a Coach bag before, so I was hoping I could get advice from my fellow TPF Coachies.

    I bought the Madison Fringe bag at the outlet last year. Because it was the most expense bag that I had ever bought I decided to make it a "reward" bag. And that I could cut the tags off when I lost 25 lbs. Well I've lost the weight and I decided to cut the tags off and start using it this fall.

    Unfortunately after I took the bag out of my closet and start unstuffing it and loading it with my stuff, I noticed black stuff all over my hands. After inspecting the bag I found that all of the hardware is ruined. It's like the coating is coming off or it's rusting or something. (Pictures provided below.)

    I still haven't cut the tags off and I could just return it, but I really love this bag and would rather have it fixed (if possible).

    So I guess my questions are: Have any of you experienced something like this? What do you think I should do? Should I just return the bag?:wondering Can I take it to the store to have it be sent in for repair? What happens if that occurs?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  2. One more photo:

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  3. Is it just tarnish? Maybe you can use a jewelry polishing cloth on the hardware and see if that removes all the black stuff.
  4. I hadn't thought about it being tarnish.

    Is that black?
  5. yikes,it looks to have tarnished. i would try to clean it. if that doesnt work take it to the store and explain the situation...hope you get it sorted out. good luck
  6. I had the same bag, and it did the SAME thing after sitting in my closet. Only, it tarnished ALL OVER the leather - the entire bag was ruined. I took it into Coach, and there was no way they could fix it, so they took the return on the spot.
  7. :sad::amazed:

    All over the leather? Did it transfer from the metal due to how it was stored?

    I had mine fully stuffed so the hardware really wasn't touching much of the bag.

    Sounds like it could just be a problem with the metal, because it happened to both of our bags.
  8. I don't think I have a polish cloth, but after seeing the comments about tarnish I did a little google search. Other sites are recommending using Mr. Clean Magic erasers to try and clean hardware on purses.

    Anyone ever tried that?
  9. Oh no! One of my dream bags, so pretty! I'm so sorry. How did that happen? Now I'm scared my hardware will do that too, I wonder if it's just the one on that bag. I hope some type of hardware cleaner works. Good luck and let us know what happens.
  10. I have no idea how it happened.

    The bag has been sitting in my closet all year. Temperatures have probably never varied much (at most 68-74 degree range). It's never been in rain or snow.

    It seems really ridiculous that this would happen with absolutely no use and storage at room temperature.
  11. My condo is climate-controlled. My bag was fully stuffed, as are all my bags, and was on a shelving unit in my room, in the dustbag. The hardware wasn't laying on the leather, either, but somehow the tarnish ran down ALL over the leather - almost like the hardware melted. It was weird. My condo is not humid at all. The hardware is antiqued, and the SA said that this particular hardware has a tendency to corrode like this. They've had a bunch of these returned. I had only had mine for 3 months, and had never used it - still had the tags on it.
  12. I have the exact same bag - I got it at the outlet and it has been sitting in my closet unused - I will take a look at it tomorrow and let you know how mine looks - (cant go in there now since husband is sleeping and I dont want to bother him)
  13. Wow, yeah I'd say it looks like a toss up between verdigris and almost rusting in it's apperance. I'm pretty sure that it can NOT be re-done (the coating to make the look of the metal can not be re-done while on the bag, it was probably done to the metal before the bag was pieced together) and I highly doubt that Coach will be able to repair it. I'd say if you do go to return it to the store that you request the value of the bag instead of a 40% since 40% off of a bag probably won't give you back your value of what you paid for it (but I would suggest you are honest that you got it at the outlet if it is not bullet stamped).
  14. And if you look on eBay, there are a couple listed, and they have the SAME problem.
  15. Wow! I can't believe that. That's really bad. It seems that it's a problem with the bag across the board. The worst part is that is some how seems to be creating a residue that gets on the leather and lining. Take it back for sure.

    So sorry :sad: