help/advice needed: i think i just lost $120 for a pair of sunnies

  1. I wanted to use the BIN for this pair of dior sunglasses on eBay:

    but somehow, eBay couldn't figure out the postage cost for the sunnies, so I emailed the seller and they promptly replied my email saying they could just send me an invoice via paypal directly for the item. I agreed and proceeded to pay them via paypal (unfortunately it was through my bank account/debit card funded paypal rather than a credit-card funded one) after receiving the invoice.

    It's been a week since payment has been made and the seller has not replied to both my emails enquiring about the tracking number for shipping. I took a look at their feedback and found several comments about how the seller took ages to send out the items and how some buyers never received their items at all, and all of them experienced the same thing - the lack of replies/communication from the seller.

    So now i'm terribly worried that I'd be one of the unforunate ones who'd scammed of their money over a pair of sunnies and worse yet, i can't even leave a negative feedback for the seller since they ended the auction listing and sent me an invoice for it directly.

    could you lovely ladies please advise me on what recourse i may have in perhaps getting my money back? or am i being too impatient (the seller indicated that shipping is via fedex and i should think fedex would be pretty prompt even if it is international shipping based on previous experience)? If I had paid by my credit card, i could always ring up my card company, but unfortunately it's through my debit card/bank account, so i'm not sure whether i can even get my money back. :sad:

    this is all pretty disheartening especially since i had planned on getting this pair of sunglasses as a birthday treat for myself. :crybaby:
  2. I would give it a little more time, esp since it's international. If they dont arrive at the end of next week, I'd open up a dispute with paypal.

    Even if it was a transaction done outside of eBay, you are still protected by paypal, right??
  3. thanks for the reply omgsweet.

    I would think that there might be some limited form of protection from paypal, but i'm not sure. I read the buyer's protection guide but it's specifically for ebay purchases (which i'm not sure if this really qualifies). But i'll definitely be dropping another email to the seller sometime this week (if i fail to get another reply from them) to indicate that i am prepared to file a dispute about them with paypal - just as a warning.

    but thanks for the advice!
  4. Do not worry overmuch - you still have recourse through Paypal! If the item was never received, you can file for a refund from paypal - and it will up to the seller to prove with a tracking number that the thing was delivered.

    We've gotten money back a couple of times through Paypal without involving eBay, so don't despair too much!

    Be sure to email the seller at all email addies you know of (including the paypal account) and tell them the clock is ticking - check with paypal to see how long you have to file.