help/advice needed: birkin hunting in paris

  1. Hi everyone, I've mostly been reading the threads on the H subforum (particularly the reference section) and am now ready to dive into the sea of orange by planning for my first major H purchase - in PARIS! :wlae: (well fingers crossed I'll be able to find my dream bag there of course!)

    I'll be headed for Paris (my first trip there! so it's double the excitement - Hermes & Paris) in late june and I've been reading up on the threads about paris - particularly - which has been particularly helpful. Since this will be my only trip to paris for the rest of the year (at least), I'm now planning for the paris trip as if it were some military operation (although getting the purse-hating boyfriend to go to FSH with me twice a day might be pushing his limits there). :sweatdrop:

    My question is, if I can't find a birkin in the leather/colour I would like to have, would it be possible to place an order for one with the SA or would I have to wait for the list to be open at a particular time/period? Additionally, I would love for a jpg shoulder birkin but I'm not sure how readily available it would be to get one in paris?

    I would really appreciate any help, tips, advice, especially since it'd be my first proper H purchase and also my first trip to paris. Thanks so much everyone! (and hopefully I'll have some pictures of orange boxes to post on here after the trip. :graucho:)
  2. Hi I am so glad you are planning this trip , its sounds sooooo exciting
    Why dont you telephone Celine at Bond Street she is there leather specialist and french often flying to Paris to choose leather ( she is highly thought of by the family)
    and ask her advice
    I have been told the stocks in Paris are obviously much better than uk,

    Its worth a phone call French!
    will wait in anticipation as to what you choose
  3. ohh I understand the JPG birkin is not as sought after so I think there is stock available and am sure they would get one in from one of there other branches
  4. ^ wow, thanks for the tip ardneish! and thank you for the recommendation on who to ring up in london, i'll definitely be ringing celine up to see how readily available a jpg birkin is. ;)
  5. zerodross, I think you can place an order at FSH as long as they are making the particular bag in the specific leather that season. For example, this season they'll order a togo birkin 30 but not a fjord birkin 30. Good luck.

    I like the oui ring in your avatar. Very cute! What brand is it?
  6. ^I think the ring's Dior.
  7. thanks for the help mizzle! since i'm looking at getting something pretty basic as a starter H (like togo), hopefully the order would be accepted. :yes:

    and wongnumber's right, the "oui" ring in my avatar is from dior's fine jewelry range. :yes:
  8. How exciting! From one London girl to another, 'bon chance'!
  9. heh, that really reminded me to brush up a little on my french - or at least, hermes-french! thanks for the well wishes, miss sooky! :flowers:
  10. zerodross, what fun awaits!!
    As long as you are somewhat flexible about what you are willing to accept for a Birkin, I think you will be, the more "choices" you think of in advance, the easier it will be I think. Wanting something not too esoteric will definitely help. It may mean not walking out of the store with a Birkin, but having one sent to you within 6 months. What they will be willing to do will depend on what they've got in the pipeline and how willing the SA is to go to bat for you. Good luck and enjoy!
  11. thanks for the advice and well wishes, Pepper! i've got a list of leathers/colours that i absolutely love (of course if an etoupe or raisin birkin is magically available, i'd probably hand my card to the SA immediately and faint thereafter), but seeing the bags on this board has definitely made that list grow all the more. :graucho: