Help! Advice needed, best friend's wedding today!

  1. Maybe this should go in the clothing section but I need a lot of opinions in a short time so I posted it here. My very very best friend's wedding is at 5:30 PM this evening out at our country club and I need help deciding what to wear! I know black cocktail dresses are no longer taboo and are almost the "norm" nowadays but I need advice. There are three dresses below, pics of me in them-- help me choose!

    My biggest deal... I really wanted to wear my new Hermes Cosmos scarf (pictured below) but I KNOW it won't go with brown and I'm not sure about black. Anyway, please advise! I've got the shoes and bags covered for whatever outfit I choose-- it's just the dress itself that's killing me! Excuse the wrecked house, wet hair and lack of makeup-- I normally don't look this bad! :flowers:

    OPTION #1 from Donna Karan with the H scarf (my favorite cocktail dress, I've only worn it once, but I worry about the fact that it's backless almost, just straps in the back)


    OPTION #2: Drab brown dress from Theory ( I KNOW my blue scarf won't go with this )

    Option #3.... the nameless little black simple Audrey Hepburn Dress with its' own scarf, kind of bland, but not upstaging the bride...

    And here's the new scarf:

    THANKS SO MUCH for your help ladies! (*goes off grumbling about the fact that only her best friend's cousin and sister got to be bridesmaids, not me...*)
  2. Absolutely option 1!! You look beautiful!
  3. First of all, I love your new Hermes scarf, it's soooooooooooooo beautiful!!:woohoo::yahoo:

    As for the frocks, I love the first and last one (I think the second one is a bit frumpy) It's a difficult choice because both dresses are so nice and look great on you. I think the first one is younger and fresher and if the wedding is religious you can always cover your shoulders with your gorgeous Hcarf worn as a pashmina. 3rd choice is, on the other hand, very elegant and classy... very Hermes, really!
  4. It's definitely not a religious wedding.... :graucho:

    :flowers: thank you so much Rocker and Bambie!
  5. I vote for #1. :tup:
  6. Likewise, I like #1. You look great!! You said you were worried about the back but it's not like you're falling out of it, it's not pinching or digging, etc so I wouldn't worry. Have a great time!
  7. 1
  8. Absolutely number 1 - you look stunning:flowers:
  9. go for #1 hon! it's your favorite, so you'll feel good wearing it and IMO, it looks the most appropriate for the wedding.
  10. 1! You look beautiful!
  11. You may already be gone, but 1 is the look, RBB! I love the scarf and it looks great with the dress on you! You look smashing!
  12. The finished product! I'm wearing black Choos and carrying my friend's Chanel flap bag... voila! Thanks so much for the help ladies! :flowers:


  13. Wow - you definately chose the best dress!:flowers:
  14. You look gorg!
  15. Late to this party but you look stunning! I love your choice :tup: :tup: