Help, advice needed about new purchase...

  1. Hi,

    I ordered a nuage paddy from Diabro last wednesday night and it is already here (monday morning), and it is gorgeous :heart:!

    It is quite nerve wracking opening an order from a company based so far away, who aren't inclined to take returns. First I couldn't find the padlock (it was in the pocket, wrapped in tissue), then the key (ditto)- so both of these were mini crises.

    Anyway, the bag is here in full and it is gorgeous- lovely smooshy leather, smells great, gorgeous colour. I am delighted (and very impressed with Diabro, it is my first buy from them)...

    BUT- the round Chloe tag has had the bottom half of the back page- the bit with the serial number, cut off. (Which makes me think that perhaps they lost the correct tag and have sustituted it with another with the relevant info removed.

    Is this a problem? If I was to decide to sell this bag in the future would this be much of an issue? Should I chase them up to try to get a complete round tag, or just shrug it off as unimportant?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  2. you shouldnt have to much trouble selling it in the future, as long as you included you reciept!
    also most people know a real bag when they see one!!!
  3. Actually I have just looked at the bag again (it is so lovely) and the tag, and the serial number and name (nuage) are on the very back of the round tag, above the bit that has been cut off. so perhaps it is just a barcode that was cut off. Any ideas? This really isn't a problem, is it, to have a half cut tag, as it does have all the info on it?
  4. Thanks desgnerqueen, I think you are right.
  5. I have purchased MANY Chloe items from diabro and they all arrived perfectly and with no problems...forget about the tag issue...we can tell the real thing when we see it and your nuage is no doubt stunning! I bought mine from Neiman's and the color with the silver lock is gorgeous...enjoy!:yahoo:
  6. Congrats on your beautiful purchase! Tags are not important! Not even when reselling! Someone who knows an authentic Chloe when they see it, doesn't need the tag!

    Show us pics, please!!!
  7. Thanks Beanie and Leanbeanee. I will post pics in the next couple of days, need to get my husband's camera.
  8. Congrats, can't wait to see pics!!:yahoo:
  9. Waiting for pics, darling...:happydance::graucho:
  10. cant wait to see it now!!!
  11. Tags aren't important at all to me. What matters is the actual bag, that's my philosophy when buying on eBay. They could've gotten anyone's tag, or a picture of anyone's tag to put on the listing.
  12. ^ well said, kuruma
  13. Interesting- I had similar problem with tags on an argent paddy I ordered from NM. I actually posted here about it and several people said go ahead send it back and get a new one with tags just to be safe. I did so, but honestly looking back I'm not sure the tags were as big of a deal as I originally thought. It was my first big bag purchase and I was really nervous, but I really think it shouldn't matter when/if you sell. When I first got the Paddy without tags, I was scared because I'd only seen 1 before (my friend's white paddy) and this one looked TOTALLY different. Well, now I know from getting my new one and reading here that mine is so obviously real and hers was the fake! Now I can spot the fakes a mile away...

    Long winded, but in essence I agree the tags you have should be fine- especially with a receipt. Since they don't take returns, it's not worth the hassle. You're so in love, you probably won't ever sell anyway!

    Hope this makes you feel better. I almost got an ulcer deciding whether to keep mine.
  14. I'm so glad to hear of your experience with diabro. I just placed my very first purchase with them today for my very first paddy...can't wait to get mine...(fingers crossed)....
  15. I am sure you will have a fantastic experience too. They have been amazing with my purchase. Easy ordering, quick delivery, and I saved about £220 buying from them rather than a Chloe boutique or NAP.

    I was concerned that the leather might not be the best, apparently standards can vary a little and I keep reading that the best way to buy a paddy is in person, so you can check the leather. So this was a slight concern buying from a Japan based company who do not take returns. But this paddington is easily the best leather of my three paddies. The leather on the others is really lovely, but this one is so wrinkly and rippled, and the smell is amazing.

    Diabro have been fantastic and I am sure your paddy will be just as lovely.

    What did you go for? And please post pics when it arrives. :smile: