Help--adoption presents for boys!

  1. We are about to adopt two boys, ages 12 and 15, who have come to love my LV collection. For every birthday, mother's day, Christmas, etc. they are always begging my husband to buy me LV (no complaints from me!). The final court date is coming up in a few weeks, and I'm thinking of surprising them with something that is hotstamped with their new initials. I think they'll be THRILLED. I'm having a hard time choosing what to get them. I'd like to stay <$300 each, but will go up to $500 for the right items. Has to be hotstamped.

    So far, I've considered:
    --6 ring key holder (will probably be most practical given their ages, and most budget friendly)
    --Pocket organizer
    --Pince wallet

    Both of the boys have cheap wallets that they don't really use, and both have a bad track record of losing expensive items. I'm trying to balance my desire to splurge on them with the knowledge that they're forgetful teens.

    Would love to hear your thoughts!
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  2. I think this is a lovely idea to officially welcome the two boys in your family! My first idea was the pocket organizer as well... Good luck with your decision!
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  3. another vote for the PO
    i wonder if you can get the special date hotstamped on them?
    Very thoughtful gift:heart:
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    Pocket Organizer!
    I would love to see pictures of your final decision and to hear about the boys' reactions on their generous presents. :smile:
  5. I would go with the pocket organizer!
    Maybe you can also check out the mon monogram line so you can personalize it with their favorite colors? Maybe a passport cover, which would also be connected with their new initials.
  6. I love the pocket organizer! It's so practical and chic!
  7. That's a tough one.
    If you are 100% sure that an LV product is what they want, I say go for something they would really use a lot. What would a 12yo do with a PO? That's an item designed primarily for credit cards. Maybe check out the LV RTW and see if you can find a couple of t-shirts. Or what about LV slide sandals? It seems every teenage guy is in love with slide sandals these days.
  8. Some other suggestions maybe a tie for special occasions, toiletry bag for travel/sleepovers or a key ring for their own key to their new forever home. Maybe they could hotstamp this one
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  9. I think matching leather bracelets would be great for them. Keep It bracelet or Archive bracelet.
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  10. This post makes my heart swell with happiness. Such a happy occasion!

    Have you considered a belt or maybe tie? It's something that they'll be able to wear for years and unlikely they'll lose it.
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  11. i vote mon-monogram. I would go in and sit with an SA and they can go over what is available in the mon-mono. It's really nice to have the personalized touch.

  12. they may like video games, iwatch, iPhone or a trip to Disney etc, can be less or more than the LV items you pick, I sees your passion of LVs, the boys probably see that clearly too that's why they ask your hubby to buy these for you to please you. Smart boys I have to say!

    One thing I learned from my experience as a receiver of gifts is better to get something the person wants or needs. :smile:
  13. I have to say - all of this!

    Are there any other chaps here that have a view??

    I think the tshirt - or the slides would be good - if you really think they would appreciate it? Personally, I could be concerned if you got them something and it was lost or damaged and how they would feel..

    Absolutely congratulations on extending your family!!!! So happy for you all! How exciting!!! xxx
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  14. I think the key rings would definitely work. I didnt give mine LV keyrings but i did purchase keyrings that represented the sports teams and such that they loved. They are still attached to their keys and all 3 are college students no longer living in our house. Most kids at that age are mature enough to keep up with their house key. If they will be coming and going from time to time on their own like after school etc, simple keyrings would be perfect! Congratulations on this chapter of your lives! So cool and thoughtful of you to do this.
  15. Hmmm, I get the sentiment but the practical aspect is where I'm stuck. I'd also hesitate giving young teens luxury items. I would probably go with some sort of family trip or something that reinforces the family experience.

    Congrats on the adoptions though! :smile:
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