Help! ADASA!

  1. If anyone has made a purchase on ADASA.COM, BEFORE THEIR CLOSEOUT, and used a promo code, and then needed to return the item, can you PLEASE PM me?

    This is very urgent!!! :sad:

    Thank you!!
  2. I think they state that they no longer have ability to accept return for any reasons, even you receive defective items...and of course NO phone calls as really no one can help you now...I am sorry if you have received something bad.
  3. There was a clause about returning things before the closeout.. I'm not sure what exactly it said but if you find the other thread on ADASA (the one about there being 50% off) I think it's pasted in there in red font..
  4. I issue is I bought something a few months back, before the "No Return" for any reason.

    I need to know if anyone, prior to last two months, purchased and returned anything while using a promo code on a regular priced item and how they credited them their money back.

    Thank you for trying to help! :yes:
  5. This one, post #8?

    My purchase was way before this....back when I just used a regular promo code for 20% off regular priced merchandise.

    Thanks though! :yes:
  6. I just purchased something in mid November with a promo code. I spoke to Alicia at ADASA and she will definitely give me my money back. I already shipped it back to her before the 22nd.....expecting it to get there this week. We'll see. She's been very nice about it.
  7. i believe on their site, before they changed the terms, it said if you bought something on sale or used a promo code, that you couldn't return it for a can only get a store credit..
    so i'm not sure how you would get to exchange anything since they are getting rid of their stock..=(
  8. Well, there is hope for me! I have all my USPS receipts from my return being shipped back Nov. 2nd. Purchase was made mid-October. They always such GREAT customer service, I hope it doesn't turn sour here near the end.

    Do you have a number for Alicia? I have called several times, during the hours that the recording states they should be open, but no answer. I am so upset. :sad:

    Keep good thoughts for me!
  9. This info came off of the website. Hope it helps...

    Question & Answers

    -Q: What if I receive something defective?
    -A: We sell only brand new, authentic merchandise as received from the manufacturer; nothing is used and we inspect everything prior to shipment. Unfortunately, at this time, we no longer have the ability to accept returns of any kind.
    -Q: I just bought something and the price went down. Can I get a price adjustment?
    -A: Unfortunately we are not giving any price adjustments on previous orders.
    -Q: How will I know if the price will drop again on the item I want?
    -A: Prices may be falling on a daily basis. You can take your chances or buy while it is available.
    -Q: I have a Store Credit; should I use it before December 21st?
    -A: Yes, we suggest you use your store credit immediately.
    -Q: I have a Gift Certificate; do I have to use it before December 21st?
    -A: Yes, we suggest you use your Gift Certificate immediately.
    -Q: I bought something before you began liquidating. Can I still return it?
    -A: We will do our best to honor the return policy that was in effect at the time you made the purchase. However, we can no longer honor exchanges. If you feel you are eligible for a return on an order placed prior to 11/22/07, you must contact us for specific return instructions ( or the return will be refused.
    -Q: I have an issue regarding an order placed prior to November 22nd. What can I do?
    -A: Contact us via email at: Please be sure to include your order number and all details relating to your inquiry. Allow 1-2 business days for a reply.
    -Q: What if an item I ordered is out-of-stock?
    -A: We will ship and only charge you for the items that were available. No back-orders.
  10. ^^Thanks for your help. This is their "new" policy, but not the one that they had in effect at the time I purchased my bag. They say there are doing to their best to honor the original return policy for previous purchases...I just hope it works out. It's really hard to get a hold of them right now.

  11. If you paid with a credit card, I would do a charge back if they do not honor their terms that were in place at the time you purchased the item. I am lucky that I have never had to do one, but in this case it would be a legitimate recourse seeing as how (I assume) they are going out of business.
  12. The last third of the Q & A deals with prior purchases. It seems the best way to get in touch with them is email - Good luck!
    Iwas checking all the info because I made a sizable purchase today and I am keeping my fingers crossed all goes smoothly.
  13. wait so you returned on nov. 2nd and you still havent gotten a refund? mail should take a week at the longest and today is already the 26th?
  14. I have contacted my credit card company, but have not yet faxed over my documentation. I will, if need be, as soon as I get a reply back from Adasa.
    Hopefully all will work out and I won't have to. :yes:
  15. Hi :flowers: How are you?

    They did issue a credit, stored in their data base to be used for a sale purchase. I don't want that, I want my money. :smile: